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Written on Derek Dooley enjoying fresh start in Dallas; Georgia-UT week different this year:

He didn't hire himself at UT and he negotiated the best deal he could. It didn't work out. He got fired and moved on. Another post-mortem doesn't change a thing. At least he hung in there. Kiffin was the worst hire in UT history and that may include Jim Macdonald. Justice has been served on him. Dooley just wasn't the guy.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer takes responsibility, likes UT Vols coach Butch Jones:

in response to CrankE:

GVX is too interested in bashing Fulmer and feeding the trollz to do real journalism.

Fulmer owns the good and bad on the field. Was he right about UT's leadership vacuum? Absolutely. But as a first ballot, HOF coach, whose record is secure, the best thing he could have done was to keep his mouth shut. By speaking out, he re-opens his own record to scrutiny. (Ironically, just like Majors did for so long in the perennial, "Majors Still Bitter" articles.)

Couldn't agree more. I would add that all of these articles are just red meat waiting for the season to begin.

Written on Picture of Alabama commitment holding wads of cash goes viral:

The gangster image is more important to some of these kids than anything else. I wish him luck in the big-time college environment.

Written on Former Lady Vol Chamique Holdsclaw pleads guilty, gets probation:

Very troubled young lady. Wish her the best.

Written on Tyler Bray's father says NFL draft was 'brutal':

Good luck, Tyler. Hope to see you play on Sundays.

Written on Mike Strange: Phillip Fulmer: SEC dominance began before seven-year title run:

Phil did a lot of great things for UT and he is still a loyal Vol supporter even though he was fired. Why can't we just leave it at that. This continuing post-mortem does absolutely no good.

Written on RB Marlin Lane 'absolutely' on track for return to Vols, Butch Jones says:

Good for him. Hope he makes it back.

Written on Holly Warlick receives Maggie Dixon award for rookie coaches:

Women's college basketball, in it's current state, owes it all to Pat Summit. Her success has brought other programs along like Connecticut, Notre Dame, Baylor, etc. We are very fortunate that she left us a Head Coach who learned from the best. Great year, Holly. Good luck next year.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Watched some of UL vs Baylor. Noticed that UL was playing "tight" defense which was pretty rough. Drew fouls but didn't suffer for it. Saw the same game last night. Lady Vols play a finesse game and UL was playing rough basketball. Again, it hurt them with fouls which sat some players, but in the end, their aggressive play was what won out. I'm certainly not that knowledgeable about b-ball, but the Lady Vols looked intimidated in the first half. Overall, I'm proud of them and look forward to seeing them next year.

Written on Former UT running backs coach Jay Graham will make $275,000 at Florida State:

Recruiting much easier at FSU. Another rung on the ladder for Jay. Wish him well.

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Second lowest paid coach on the staff. That may have caused him to look around.

Written on With first class, Butch Jones and staff worked overtime to build relationships :

Saying you don't pay attention to the star system is like saying 'political polls don't really mean anything'. But, I like Jones' style and enthusiasm. There are 'sleepers' in every class and 4 & 5 star losers as well. Here's to better years ahead!

Written on John Adams: Recruiting a running battle for Vols :

Fulmer was an excellent recruiter. His downfall came with a series of bad assistant coach hirings. Think want you want, but Dooley hired Sunseri and look what that did. He might still be here with a different hire. Hopefully, Butch Jones can win with what he has and make recruits think they can play for a winner. If so, they will show up.

Written on Former Tennessee coach Derek Dooley confirms he is going to the Dallas Cowboys :

Congratulations, coach. Wish you and your family well.

Written on Dallas Cowboys hire Derek Dooley as wide receivers coach :

in response to OrangePride:

It never ceases to amaze me how much bitterness and spitefulness shows up on these boards. Perhaps we were all disappointed with the results (none moreso than Dooley himself), but he's a good man and some of these comments are beneath contemptable. Worse, those comments reflect on us as fans and us as supporters of UT sports. Because recruits and others read these boards, how about we think about the impact our words might have and lighten up. For me, I wish the man and his family the very best.

Agreed. For many on here it is more about the cleverness of the comment. Dooley came, he tried, he failed. Don't like the Cowboys, but hope he's successful for him and his family.

Written on Tennessee running back Quenshaun Watson away from team due to personal issues; return is uncertain:

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learn the rules. regardless of how many you have, you can only sign 25 per year. FANS....idiots!

Apparently, not if you're Nick Saban. You sign 27 and then say, after the fact, that two were leaving the program (even though they didn't know it at the time).

Written on John Bill Hudson, who led UT in receiving in 1962, dies:

Great family. All the girls were very athletic and well liked. He probably got his toughness from being raised with five sisters. Rest in Peace.

Written on John Adams: Cordarrelle Patterson will leave highlights, regrets behind :

Had the Vols prospects for a championship run been better for next year, one or two of them might consider staying. But, it could be another tough year for the Vols in '13, so why suffer that pain, and in Bray's case, get beat up on here by the fans for not making perfect throws or whatever. Couldn't blame them all for leaving.

Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

Wish him well. Not surprised at all since the knee injury made him realize how precarious his NFL career could be. I wouldn't want to risk that again, either.

Written on Poll: Are you satisfied with the coaching staff Butch Jones has put together?:

I thought I had seen the end of constant polling after the presidential election. Please stop! Just write interesting and informative articles and that will create the interaction that KNS is looking for.

Written on Report: Zach Azzanni new Vols receivers coach :

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Yeah, I think what Jones actually meant was sixth best in Ohio behind Ohio ST, Ohio, Kent ST, Bowling Green, and Toledo.

Starting already, huh?

Written on UT confirms football staff hirings :

I give Coach Jones credit for setting the bar high..'we've..put together a championship staff'. Maybe he should have started by saying a 'SEC quality staff'. But, I love his optimism. Go Vols!

Written on Chaney joins Arkansas as offensive coordinator:

in response to Vols4life77:

I'm still a little bitter and I'm a frustrated Vol fan. I will love the big orange no matter what but I think we could have kept some continuity on the offensive side where we were so effective last year. Losing Pittman is a blow IMO, he did a great job with the O-line and will be a huge asset to Arkansas. He was very good at Carolina too. Jones O-line coach hasn't done it in a proven league maybe I'm being a pessimist and we will see but I find it hard to believe he could be better than Pittman. Chaney and Pittman together will bring a very explosive offense to the razorbacks and we will see how ours will be.

I agree with your analysis, but you have to appreciate that Butch Jones is staying loyal to the coaches that helped him be successful over the years by bringing them with him to a big-time job opportunity. I can't argue with that. I just hope thay are all as successful here.

Written on Chaney joins Arkansas as offensive coordinator:

Apparently Arkansas thinks his offensive coordinating was just fine. The Vol offense was not the problem in 2012. Defense, defense, defense. Chaney's offense, with the help of three particularly effective players and a really good offensive line, put up 30-something points on average including against Georgia, S. Carolina, and others. Normally, that should win many of those games. Chaney had good players, which were signed by Dooley, to help. Why can't we just give credit were credit is due, wish them all the best, and be on our way.

Written on Mel Kiper recommends another year for Tyler Bray:

Bray has excellent skills. If the Vols had had a better defense in 2012, the pressure to score 40+ points to win each game would not have been there. I agree with the maturity comments. At his age we all could have used another year in life.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

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I guess we can rename Tee Martin Drive to Tee Martin Passed. Or move it to one of the streets that turns its back on he University.... Like maybe he one that runs by the sewer plant.

That's a little harsh. He's been to three schools and, apparently, UT hasn't offered him a job 'til now. I wish him the best. He has a family and has to think about what's best for him and them, not you and other UT fans.

Written on John Adams: Reality reigns in UT hire :

I think Strong told the truth. Also, voting Louisville into the ACC made staying much easier. He's got things going his way. If he could win the ACC (which would be easier than the SEC), his job offers will be more rewarding. Practical decision. Adams is right about the fans and Gruden. It was embarrassing. In the end, Adams was just saying "talk is cheap". Butch obviously thinks he can get it done here. I support him and wish him luck. All the rest is bs.

Written on Poll: Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

Welcome to Big Orange Country, Coach. I think you will do a great job and you have my full support. Whatever that's worth.

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

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I agree. Anytime you can win as many games as he has at a place with better dairy facilities than football digs, your doing something right....

Now that's funny!

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

I still believe that Dan Mullen is the best suited candidate out there. Maybe there are more proven coaches (like Butch Jones), but Mullen has a three year winning record at MSU and that ain't easy. His salary would fit, and he has SEC ties. Of course, maybe Dan's not interested, either.

Written on Is Tennessee's coaching search nearing the finish line, or does Dave Hart still plan more talks? :

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I can imagine Dooley standing in a corner of the hotel lobby in his orange pants and orange dog with a cup in his hand begging for a job.

Let it go, dude.

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

Gundy strikes me as a guy with a chip on his shoulder...or just arrogant. Spurrier has that covered for the SEC. I still believe Dan Mullen, though he may not be the best pick, is the one choice that probably fits best.

Written on Evan Woodbery: Nine possible candidates for UT's coaching search :


Gruden is the only coach on this list who would make a difference. My guess is we will get stuck with Charlie Strong or Al Golden. We will improve slightly. 8 wins a year will become exciting. Just pay Gruden 10 million a year and get it done. Otherwise we are doomed to mediocrity.

If I hit the PowerBall jackpot tomorrow, I'll handle it for you.

Written on Evan Woodbery: Nine possible candidates for UT's coaching search :

Hope all our commits have this attitude regardless of which coach is hired.

Written on John Adams: No shame for UT in a big-name rejection :

I think the best fit and opportunity for the Vols would be Dan Mullen at MSU. He's proven he can win. I think he would do very well with UT's top rate facilities and support and Hart could throw $2.5-3.0 million at him and he might jump. Most of the really top coaches have contracts and demands that will be very difficult to get around. Mullen seems to meet most, if not all, of the criteria for our next coach.

Written on UT's offseason off to troubled start with Downs' arrest:

Explaining to his momma and daddy (as Bear would say)is his biggest problem.

Written on Tennessee beats Kentucky 37-17 :

in response to GloryDays:

Dooley is fired and Tennessee wins! Good ridance! Those who say he left the program in better shape are sadly mistaken. 3 loosing years in a row hasn't happened in over 100 years. The defense lacks talent is very slow, can't tackle and the team knows little about how to win. Attendance and morale is way down. If Fulmer would have stayed the past 4 years the Vols would be better than the current product. Please don't feel sorry for Dooley, he made off with 10 million dollars and trashed a once proud program. Hart needs to cross the checker board with this hire. Go Vols!

Yeah, and maybe you'll stop your incessant griping.

Written on A look at Tennessee's 13 seniors :

Good luck, seniors. Hope for you to go out with a win today. Thanks for everything.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee fans might not mind if juniors leave early :

All three have work to do to be NFL ready. But, Patterson, with all of his talent, looks at times like a guy playing sandlot football. He runs the wrong routes, stops when the play goes away from him, doesn't block that well.He does have a great talent for running through a crowd, so maybe the NFL will draft him as a returner and hopefully train him to be a good receiver. But, that translates into a lower draft position. Another year at UT would help them all. But, that's a life decision that only they can make.

Written on Sal Sunseri: 'We wanted to do better for the Vol nation':

Thanks for your effort, Sal. Best of luck if you move on.

Written on Reports: Arkansas has made an offer to Jon Gruden:

in response to JohnnyVol:

That 95-81 includes a Super Bowl ring and another team almost to the Super Bowl.

I am a UT grad living in Fla for 30+ years (I know, it's been tough). I like Gruden, but most fans of the TB Bucs do not attribute that Super Bowl win to him but to Tony Dungee's prior team. I give credit to Gruden for not messing that up. He had four good years spread out over 11 years and was fired after a .540 overall record. I agree that he would probably bring recruits, and maybe retain some Vols who might be thinking of leaving, but I still think there are better coaches out there. If they hire him I'll certainly support him..just like I did Dooley. Go Vols!

Written on John Majors appreciated challenge Derek Dooley faced :

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"Mary Lynn (Majors' wife) and I both have tremendous respect for Derek Dooley and we pulled very hard for him. He made a strong effort to improve the program in every way.''

As much as whiney little boys do, maybe.


UT '81

Just can't let it go, huh, Walt. Well, keep your chin up, there will be a new coach for you to rag on pretty soon.

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:

Unfortunately the vultures who have been circling the carcass here are not simply satisfied that it's 'passed' but find it necessary to pick the carcass clean. CDD needed to go, but as I recall, he accepted the job when several 'big name' coaches alledgedly turned it down. Maybe Hamilton was being cheap, maybe not. I think Dooley did the best he could with what he had. It wasn't good enough. But, the endless droning on and character assasination here merely reflects on the writers, not Dooley. However, I know a lack of maturity will prevail here so have at it.

Written on Vanderblowout: Tennessee loses to Vanderbilt in Nashville for first time since 1982 :

CDD's coaching career at UT is over, but there will always be idiots on this site. Agree with the bright spot of the night. That was Marlin Lane's continued improvement running the ball. He had 107 yards. Not bad on a horrible night overall.

Written on 5 Big Things :

It will be interesting to see if CDD rolls the dice alot today. What's he got to lose?

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols' dream of Jon Gruden is just that:

Still don't get the Gruden craze. Eleven years as a head coach, winning % of .540 with three scattered years of over 10.Superbowl win..he gets credit for offensive changes, but defense (which wins championships) was all Tony Dungy. He would certainly bring some recruits because of name, but I still think that are better choices. Besides, if Dooley beats Vandy and Ky, he's here in 2013.

Written on Tennessee football program spent $149,090 on summer trip to Milligan College :

Who cares about this. It was approved by the administration. KNS is just piling on.

Written on Jim Chaney won't criticize Derek Dooley's decision :

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Thank you for your input Mrs. Dooley, but your son has had a fair chance and he has proved he is not capable to coach college football. He's driven UT football into the ground and it's time for him to go.

Dooley should have been fired after the South Carolina game. Not sure what Hart is waiting for, but he better get on with it and sign Gruden.

He's probably waiting for your ok.

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“Nothing going’s to change,” Sunseri said.

When you are in charge of a defense that's giving up 50 points a game, something MUST change.

Instead, you continue putting on more steam, coaching the wrong things, driving the bad habits deeper into the players' heads, and ensuring that it will all happen again on Saturday.

Sal should be fired FOR CAUSE for that comment alone.

Did you read the article? The question concerned the future of Dooley and how the coaches are reacting, not his defensive strategy.