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Rumblefish keep up the troll watch! You are a funny dude.

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dragon...maybe you should check your history books. Since the mid-70's, UF and ut have faced off 27 times, with the Gators winning 21. (that means you won 6 in the last 30+years)

As I said, the Vols tradition must have been in the 1800's, because no one outside of Knoxville can remember back that far.

I think you're getting scared! Will Muschamp (AKA Yosemite Sam) is a tool and managed to tenderize his players all regular season so they would be good and soft for the Sugar Bowl game against Louisville!


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Hope he gets back, Ole Miss will be down this year and UT will be up. Like him or not, he makes things interesting in a very dull SEC.

"Very dull SEC" as you say, is a result of ESPNerd!

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Yep, with the button fly open..

Showing his Big Orange panties!

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I wasn’t saying that Coach Jones was leaving within the next two or three years to go coach in the NBA, it just makes me wonder why he is getting more and more involved with basketball. Word around campus is that Coach Jones is great friends with UT’s basketball Coach Martin and I am just praying that he doesn’t get temped to coach another sport like basketball or track and field? I think Coach Jones is THE guy to finally turn around our football program and with all of his success thus far, I’m fearful that other sports may want him to do the same thing. I would not mind if Coach Jones coached another sport at UT in addition to football, just don’t want him leaving our program anytime in the near future! GOOOOOO Vols!!!

Are you sure that's basil in your mater soup?

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He reminds me of Gorgui Dieng when he arrived at the University of Louisville. He turned out to be a pretty darn good player!


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Witch Doctor all Vol..but gotta root for the ole Alma Mater on this one. Go Bucs!
Bones never lie.

Same here...Go Bucs!

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Wake up and smell the coffee, Golden can't go to a junior college as he has used three years of college eligibility at Tennessee.

If it is grades, and he can get in another school this summer and get his grades up in time for basketball season, he is still limited to a Division II option or lower. If he sits out a year, he can play as a senior in the 2014-15 season.

I think he means UT will have to get a juco now Einstein! How's that coffee smelling?

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I had the same thought considering grades are being released right now. But, I hate the "insider" thing. No offense, but I'd appreciate it if you'd share more about that for the sake of credibility.

Have a friend that is the station manager and program director for WUTK. His info has been spot on through many of these troubling times. No offense taken....don't blame you for being skeptical.

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Just got word from an "insider" it was grades!

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Louisville wins hands down because they have alcohol sales at the Yum Center....the bourbon flows there like water over Niagra Falls.

You got that right Effect! Makes me thirsty even this early in the day!

Go Vols!

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And I guess I should pre-empt your next question: Ron Mercer played for UK, where he helped win a NC. He was then a lotto pick by guess-who, his old CBB coach and new Celtics HC, GM, Prez, Grand Poobah Rick "Don't Bother Me While I'm Under The Table" Pitino. I hope I don't have to explain Pitino's nickname.

No it's...... "Don't Bother Me While I'm ON TOP OF The Table and bring me my Italian sausage stuffed blond...I mean Red Snapper"! "Don't you know who I am?"

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My son was born that day (2 months premature)...I tease him he came out so early just to see the Vols kick Miami's butt! What a great day for me as a Vol fan and new father to remember!


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Notice the outspoken defense of the Bama thugs from RtChatt! No wait where is he? Thats' what I thought.....nothing like a little humility is there?!

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What the hell...Go Bucs!

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Is it just me or has Stokes gotten progressively worse under coach Martin?

It's you!

Stokes has been triple teamed all year without Maymon on the court. But why let facts get in your way!

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Tee said NO! DAMN!

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Been a tough ride for me in the Ville past couple of bout you?

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Dooley is gone! The fans/troops can be regrouped! All that stayed away from Neyland because of the coach can come back! Support the team and show the new coach we UT fans can walk the walk!


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Driving home yesterday listening to WKRD (Louisville sports radio) and the hosts were "100 percent sure that Louisville lands this young lady" and that Louisville would take over signing the players UT "used to get"! lol


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And beat 4th ranked Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl! Beat Clemson also a non conference game that year in addition to all the ususl SEC suspects, beat them all! This one is weak on your part. Try again!

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A legend in your own mind!

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CoveredInOrange..... should be CoveredInMoonshineandlit!

I think you're worried about the game tomorrow and you are venting by the only means possible to you...idiotic name calling with no football insight. Funny you are old enough to know about the Pinto but immature enough to call a fan base every southern stereotype your feeble mind could copy from the internet. OGSLOV!!!!!

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Not to sound like a troll (long time GVX viewer and an original Paysite Member from back in the day - 90s)...but some Vols fans do not have realistic expectations for this game.....

140+ yards....300 passing....seriously??!

It will be a hard fought, bloodbath. Anyone who expects anything different is.....well, delousional.


Finally a realistic statement...good job Etown! I see this game going down to the wire with the Vols toughness being tested to the hilt! I say "hit em in the short ribs"! OGSLOV!!!!

PS...I used to live in Johnson City, graduated from ETSU. Good to hear from a loyal, realistic Vol fan from upper East Tennessee!

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Mooning is the same as destruction of property? You must be the lawyer for NuKeese and Tyler Smith. Dumb....

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He has always been a class act! Pretty damn good point guard to boot!

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And I love them so. Spent many days under Watts Bar dam in the late forties and early Fifties with a bucket full of Baltimore's and a stringer full.

Filet them, coat them in cornmeal and fry them in a cast iron skillet! Now that's good eats!

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The commish of the ACC is putting a little pressure on the Wolfpack's QB. You can bet they are taking this game seriously!

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You should have called an audible to that response! You know not of what you speek! Go Vols and Go Greeneville.... my home town!

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Correct. Nothing compares to a "men's" basketball team playing their home games on a court named after the girl's coach. Great work!

PS - the black curtains really add that finishing touch.

I guess naming a men's basketball court after a racist bigot is preferable? Adolf....give me a break!

PS-is the 2012 UK championship banner really held up with velcro?

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What the hell do you mean? If you mean what I think you mean then you bro are the definition of a tool!

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When you're as great as you are it's hard to be humble huh? A legend in your own mind! Now try and say something relevant backed up with facts not conjecture. You have no idea how things went down with the coaching changes. Be negative if you want, thats your business, but try not to strain your arm while patting yourself on the back!

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Tough news. He sounds like Washaun Ealey, who is now a headliner at Jacksonville State.

Witch Doctor just gonna watch this one..Witch Doctor really not even hit anyone for a confirmation. Witch Doctor figured if he missed a practice this would happen..anybody shocked? Witch Doctor also not put it past someone writing a story based on Tweets...we've seen that! lol. Witch Doctor say Dooley wouldnt lie. if he up and quit..we'll know by tomorrow. Witch Doctor say T.O has found out his worth isnt worth him. Witch Doctor believe DR not that dumb. really.
Bones never lie.

WD You were right again! Bones don't lie!

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I watched MTSU at Vandy and this team is very good. I also watched UT at Vandy and it was no contest. Vandy led UT by 25 points and pushed the Vols around in the paint with Ezeli. MTSU led Vandy with a couple minutes left in the game, and fought them hard until the end. The fact Ole Miss pushed UT around inside, and Vandy did also, yet Middle beat Ole Miss and almost won at Vandy should be a huge warning sign. Plus anytime a team flies 2000 miles on a weeknight and beats UCLA which happened to go 14-5 at home this year is also a warning along with 26 wins. The true power ratings, on which every Vegas point spread is composed shows UT a 1 point favorite on a nuetral court. MTSU was a great road Underdog this season going 5-1 vs the spread, make it 6-1 tonight as UT with an injured Maymon and suspended Hall will be hammered inside. MTSU advances.. Before I hear how UT beat Vandy at home, it was on a night when Vandy had a Top 4 seed sown up and a 1st round tourney bye with not much to play for, and UT was fighting for a 1st round bye. Tonight MTSU will be a much more motivated team. MTSU averaged winning by 8ppg away from home this season. To put that number in perspective Ut averaged losing by 5ppg away from home. MTSU is a very good road team. After tonight UT will have lost to APSU and Middle Tn in the same year. Disgrace on Rocky Top.

Keep trying Prohand you're bound to get one right sooner or later....your new Delta Tau Chi name is "tool"! Why tool? Why NOT!

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Just call it like I see it and try to keep it realistic. Going deeper I'll call a 7 point win over Ole Miss and an 8 point win over Miss St. My gut tells me Vandy would beat us but we are capable of winning them all. So whatcha think Scooner? Love to hear your thoughts sir.

Scooner would NEVER tell you we could win them all....Big Blue Abomination would tell you if they lose it's because of the refs. I live around them and this is ture and they know it! oGsloV!

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Nothing like being first AND responding to your own comment...

It's the same philosophy I apply to Dooley's team. Show me you're different and I'll start believing it. Otherwise, I'm just going to look at your history and have low expectations.

The main reason I am optimistic for this SEC tournament run is the strong half court defense Cuonzo has instilled in the team. You can have an off shooting night and still be in contention for the win if you play solid half court defense.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

And if it wasn't for Davy Crockett......!

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If "Ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry christmas"! lET IT GO!!!!!

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Historic posts on the article:

Cuonzo Martin Era officially begins against UNC Greensboro

By Mike Griffith

Posted November 10, 2011 at 8:49 p.m.

November 11, 2011 10:53 a.m.

westknoxrepub writes:

My season prediction for those who care:
12-19 (4-12)

November 11, 2011 1:43 a.m.

Orange_Pants_Buy_One_Get_One_Free writes:

9-20 Overall

2-14 SEC
November 10, 2011 9:36 p.m.

born2ride writes:

Under 20 losses and it will be a good year.

Somebody getting closer!

November 11, 2011 12:14 p.m.

sheep writes:

I have been saying it all along & have been getting ridiculed. I still love them but it's going to be so ugly this season.

15 and 16 5 and 11 Sec

BAAAAAAAAAAAA says the Sheep
And my lil' buddy westie checks in again:

November 11, 2011 8:45 a.m.

westknoxrepub writes:

in response to born2ride:

Under 20 losses and it will be a good year.

No, it'll only be a good year if we make the NCAA tournament. If we have a winning record and don't make the tournament it'll be a disappointment, but it could have been worse. Game by game. . .we won't have a winning record, and we'll win about 4 SEC games.


And finally, from yours truly, GerryOP:

November 11, 2011 9:34 p.m.

GerryOP writes:

My prediction? We're going to win more than we lose and we will finish better than 11 or 12 in the SEC. Go Vols!

And I might add a shot at a #2 seed in the SEC Tourney and an outside shot at an NCAA tournament invite. Any questions?

Ya'all have a good day ... and ...

All Vol ... All Day ... Every Day ...

GerryOP you are my hero! OGSLOV

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Nothing like Greggs cut with scissors and piping hot....used to get often when at my Grandmother's in Bristol. Been about 6-7 years since had last in Kinsport/Johnson city...

I miss the Cottage's half fried chicken dinner! And I really miss Sammy's Apex burgers and fries back in the day!

Written on MTSU player, former Vol, starts drug business with scholarship:

in response to LJS1984:

P.S. I was referring to Cooley and Bailey in the stupid part.

I hadn't heard this heinous news. Sell out your teammates where they're left robbed, bound and gagged! Dang boys!

Written on MTSU player, former Vol, starts drug business with scholarship:

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Witch Doctor say damn! Witch Doctor say just like gas prices this gonna make prices go up! (lol)
Bones never lie.

WD, I have read your posts for some time now and always love your "insight".(lol) Like the Dr I am also an ETSU alum who lives and dies with the Vols. Grew up in Greeneville but now live in Big Blue AbomiNation...argh! Man I miss that East Tennessee High! (mountains of course)

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Kiffin ain't no dummy, if he was he would have hired Sanders instead!

Written on Jarnell Stokes ready to get more physical :

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Keep your head up Stokes. You have a bright future!!! You need to remember you are playing in the one of the best conference's in America. Going to Rupp is not easy for any player, let alone a Freshman. I say that respectfully. Welcome to the SEC and good luck going forward!!!

Sir, you are a class act!

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You guys write more stories about ex players/coaches than anybody on the web. Get over yourselves. No one outside Knoxv even notices or much less cares. I guess it just falls right in with all the negative on the hill.

Are you outside of Knoxville? You noticed...tool!

Written on Vols upset No. 13 Connecticut, 60-57 :

Sweet! The manchild comes of age! Keep the NCAA tournament in sight, keep never know!

Written on Police, prosecutors meet in probe of ex-UT swim coach John Trembley:

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Your hatred of Dooley is irrational. I think I called you out on this before when you had a different user name. This situation has nothing to do with Dooley or football. Continuing to bring up this ludicrous argument on every thread wastes everyone's time.

Actually, it's rather funny at this point. Dooley's here for at least another year, probably just hired a great DC in Randy Shannon, and has the program headed in the right direction. Yet, you try your best to turn everything negative.

I've always found it funny to watch children through temper tantrums. They make such fools of themselves.

Reminds me of Opie on the Andy Griffith show when he's throwing the temper tantrum, kicking and screaming, rolling on the ground, and Andy asks him "Opie what on earth are you doing?" and Opie says "throwing a temper tantrum" and Andy says "Oh ok just don't get your chothes dirty"

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This place cracks me up. One day half of the posters are talking about the demise of UT football and calling for Dooley's head. The next day Adams points out a UT weakness and everyone is calling for Adam's head.

VolInTex: You hit the nail on the "head"!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Wow Nacho you play hard ball! I love it!
On topic:
Can't wait to see what gives Sat. UGAs defense or UTs offense. May turn out to be more important for UT to win the defensive battle.


Written on Dooley on Vols after practice: 'Good spirit, good energy' :

Somethings gotta give. UGA has given up 3 touchdowns in three games and Tyler has double TDs in multiple games!

Go Vols!!