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Written on New York Liberty rescues Meighan Simmons with 26th pick of WNBA draft:

Meighan is a far better player than at least half of those chosen ahead of her and will prove it in the WNBA if she can can control the strange slew of unforced errors that can occur in her game.

Written on Neyland Trophy winner David Cutcliffe reminisces fondly on 19 years at UT:

I miss Coach Cutt running the offense. Simply a great coach of young men.

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I believe, at the end of each year, most D1 athletics departments barely break even with many losing money. I don't think the Vols are rollling in money right now. This wasn't so much a problem when there were athletic dorms and cafeterias. There are a ton of problems with the issue, not the least of which is teaching student athletics, or any student for that matter, how to manage their limited funds. Athletes in particular seem to have a terrible time with this issue. There would have to be a loss of scholarships in order to fund additional stipends. But I think these athletes are talking about pay, not stipends. Profit sharing? The stars would want the lion's share. The softball players, tennis players, golfers, lacrosse, not nearly as much. Many sports would die. I haven't heard of a plan yet that makes sense or is doable. Good luck Jarnell. You'll find there are many more pressing problems in the world after you get out of school.

Written on Jarnell Stokes will announce he is entering NBA draft at Friday press conference:

I wish him the best. He had a great junior year and coming back offers no promise he could top that with a better senior year and a different supporting cast. The improvement he made over his sophomore year was significant. I selfishly would love for him to stay but he needs to follow his dream. Good luck big guy.

Written on David Climer: UT Vols let one get away:

On a no call, the ball was cleanly stripped from Jarnell and would have resulted in a turnover. So, the season actually hinged on the call either going for the Vols or for MIch. I thought it was a marginal call but one that could have gone either way. I'm pround of the Vols and the coaching staff. Very proud. They fought like warriors and dang near pulled it out. GBO

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in response to Volborn:

If Stokes comes back, his jersey will end up in the rafters.

Agree. I sure hope he does but clearly understand if he chooses not to return. I think with him, Josh, Moore, Hubbs, and the others they could return to the big dance. Jarnell has improved dramatically since his debut as a 17 year old, especially his free throws and short jumper.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols didn't go quietly - and it hurt:

I am very proud of the Vols and the way they reclaimed the season when all appeared lost. This team and the coaching staff never quit. They've moved way up the list of my all time favorite teams. I thought the call on Maymon was definitely BAD. I also thought the call on Jarnell was questionable but one that could have gone either way. My only complaint is I question why the inbounds went to Jarnell 15 feet from the bucket which wouild require him to drive or shoot a jumper. IMO, the ball should have been Jordon or Josh's hands for the drive or the shot. That said, I hope we see Jarnell and Zo back in Knoxville next year. GBO

Written on Foul called against Jarnell Stokes puts end to NCAA run, 73-71:

I am very proud of the Vols and the way they reclaimed the season when all appeared lost. This team and the coaching staff never quit. They've moved way up the list of my all time favorite teams. I thought the call on Maymon was definitely BAD. I also thought the call on Jarnell was questionable but one that could have gone either way. My only complaint is I question why the inbounds went to Jarnell 15 feet from the bucket which wouild require him to drive or shoot a jumper. IMO, the ball should have been Jordon or Josh's hands for the drive or the shot. That said, I hope we see Jarnell and Zo back in Knoxville next year. GBO

Written on Tennessee men's basketball team rolls into NCAA tournament's field of 32 with blowout of UMass:

It was a great win over a quality opponent. Congrats to team and CCM. Thought the starting 5 did a masterful job. I still get blinded by fear when Thompson is attempting to bring the ball up the court against a press. Never saw a kid get trapped so much. Happened to Barton once as well. But I guess they have to learn. Moore looks strong off the bench and will eventually be a very good player. Let's take care of the Bears. This Vol team can play with anyone I believe. GBO.

Written on Tony Jones, Steven Pearl named as assistants on Bruce Pearl's staff at Auburn:

Steven was a joke when he first came aboard the Vols roster but at the end he had developed into a very nice bench defender. As I recall, there was a Summitt kid playing ball on the same team that didn't have SEC chops either. No one mentioning that. Bruce is a showman, a motivator, and a pretty darn good Xs and Os guy. I wish things had been different. I'll pull for him when Auburn is playing anyone but UT and pull for the Vols all the time. Let's get Zo the first NCAA win tonight.

Written on Jordan McRae, Jarnell Stokes named to All-SEC first team by coaches:

Congrats guys. VFL for you all. Go Vols!

Written on After dismissing Missouri in bubble battle, Vols say they're playing for Cuonzo Martin:

in response to fannotsheep:

I think everyone is entitled to an opinion without being labeled as racist, anti-Semitic or anti-Vol.

I hope this team keeps winning until there are no games left and then get crowned National Champions! But while they are a long way from that they have come a long way in the past two weeks. For the first time since Martin was hired I see a team with great effort for 40 minutes, strong point, inside and outside play on offense and defense. Maybe it took rumors of his job not being secure to cause him, his staff or his players to finally and consistently compete with urgency. If they keep doing it I am not sure they couldn't play with just about anybody. We are beating teams the same way Florida does, only with a more potent offense.

I think Pearl is the best coach I have seen at UT, and one of the best overall. He did lie to the NCAA, his players did have some legal issues, but they also achieved great things and I don't expect perfection from anyone. I also understand that young men from various backgrounds are not always going to mesh on or off the court and that not all elite athletes or coaches are choir boys.

Following is how I rank the basketball coaches I have seen at UT; obviously Martin is a work in progress with potential to climb dramatically.
1. Pearl
2. Mears
3. DeVoe
4. Green
5. Martin
6. O'Neill
7. Peterson
8. Houston

Pearl and Mears were outstanding at both X's and O's and building excitement and both had issues that shortened their stay abruptly.

DeVoe was a great coach until the shot clock came along and we loved his defenses. But he did not adjust to a faster game and his recruiting declined just as he needed to fill the big new arena.

Green was a great offensive coach, not so much on defense and horrible at getting along with his superiors and the fans. Players and most fans loved the fast pace offense.

O'Neill was opposite of Green. All defense, no offense and I can't watch teams that can't score 40 a game. Plus he was all wrong for the Bible Belt. Totally.

Martin runs a clean tight ship and his players love him. Slow starts each season and until the past couple of weeks you had to fairly say he has disappointed up to now. Had a tough act to follow.

Buzz was in over his head and not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Wade Houston was an assistant coach forced into first head coaching job at way too big a school because his son had NBA talent. Nice man but could not control his team even to get them to shut up in time-outs so he could diagram the next play he wanted.

Well said. Go Vols!

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in response to no1djkb#278630:

Question. how many championships did Pearl

How many NCAAs did CBP he get in? What were the rankings of his UT teams. What was his record against UK and UF? I'm not a huge advocate of bringing Bruce back but if you think the past three seasons patterns of play will suffice with the fans you may be smoking something, for medicinal purposes only, of course.

Written on After dismissing Missouri in bubble battle, Vols say they're playing for Cuonzo Martin:

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Its up to the players to execute his game plan too. Remember most of these guys are juniors and seniors. They need to be held accountable as well

Agree with Caspian. As far as I know they were executing his plan in the early and mid-season. Same pattern of results for three seasons is hard to deny.

Written on Surging Vols know NCAA tournament ramifications come with regular season finale against Missouri:

And therein lies the rub, IMO, with CCM. This team had far too many losses early against teams with much less talent. A pattern of waiting unitl the end of the season and attempting to scramble into the tourney is not good. I hope they make it but this team had too much talent to rely on hope.

Written on Lady Vols never trail, take down SEC regular season champion South Carolina 73-61:

Just a super all around performance. SC is a very good team with lots of weapons but the Ladies shut them down with a great "D" plan and execution. Great job, Hollie and staff.

Written on Up by 21 at halftime, Lady Vols avoid collapse at LSU:

in response to rogatl2002#222395:

WORST officiated game I think I have ever seen. That charge call on Harrison was ridiculous. The girl had both feet inside the arc and jumped in front of her after she had left her feet. Still though Holly loses control of the team and can't seem to impose her will on a game. She has to step up and learn how to work the refs and defend her team. She is a very smart coach and knows how o prepare a game plan but she is very poor at game management.

I agree. Officials were terrible. Bad calls on both teams. Also agree about Holli. I thought Nikki was the far better coach in the second half and dang near pulled it out. Holli doesn't seem to respond well and make the adjustments necessary to overcome the opponents game, especially in the second halves of games. But a win on the road over a tough, well coached team, is most welcome.

Written on Vols can't overcome close-game curse, dwell on missed opportunities after overtime loss at A&M:

I really feel bad for the players. I think they have been under coached and much of the blame for the losses fall to that category. These guys, many of whom were highly recruited, deserved better. CCM is a good man that appears to be in a bit over his head and I fault the folks that hired him for that. It will take someone like Pearl, if not Pearl, to arouse interest in the UT BB program again. Those candidates are not walking around with neon signs over their heads. They are high risk-high reward or big loss type coaches. But they are there. I had never heard of Billy Donavon when he was hired at UF.

Written on Opportunity turned over as Vols fall to No. 3 Florida, 67-58:

There is something wrong with Maymon and I believe after the season is over, a medical explanation will be forth coming. I love this guy's heart but he has trouble controlling the ball with his hands whether it is receiving a pass, throwing a pass, going for layup or whatever. He also has hardly any elevation. He wasn't like this two years ago.

Written on Updated: Tennessee football players A.J. Johnson and Danny O'Brien arrested; seven other Vols cited at party :

Looking at that picture of O'Brien, there is just no way that he would drink a beer.

Written on Mike Strange: This loss should never have happened:

in response to WaitUntilNextYear:

I wish some of the Coach haters really knew BB and occasionally bought a ticket and sat in TBA without the revisionist history and hyperbole.
The Vols had 16 turnovers last night just like at LSU. Maymon missed a gimme layup, the front end of a 1/1, and then 2 more missed free throws all under 2 minutes after Barton hit his 2 ft's which any of which would have iced the game.
You criticize Martin with 4.4 seconds left for not using a TO, why not criticize your All -SEC senior McCrae for getting caught in the corner and committing an offensive foul instead of calling a TO or throwing the ball off of one of the A&M players...that was stupid. Why did they start jacking 3's from players with 10 minutes to go that missed and led to the A&M comeback?
Martin didn't slow down the game the players did by standing around. If you watched his coaching he was imploring them to move the ball.
The LSU victory with sloppy play happened because Barton hit 4 threes, others were hot, LSU is terrible and the shots were falling.
Stupidity, laziness, happiness, arrogance, moving screens, missed shots, turnovers, missed 1/1's and FT's in general and no sense of urgency got this team again. It was pathetic watching A&M run down the lane in the last 7 minutes throwing up lay ups while the Vols watched.
After Barton hit his FT's Coach Martin called TO to set up the D, the guard from A&M proceeded to run down the court into the lane and hit a layup while Stokes, Maymon and others just stood there while he ran by. That was the 2nd half players!
Coach Martin didn't tell this team to stop playing in the second half after getting up 14. This senior laden team chose to squander this one with their inept second half play.
Coach Martin and Coach Warlick are getting a bad rap for lazy inconsistent teams in Orange.
Go to a game sometime and see what is really happening.
When are the fans going to start holding the players accountable for losing?

The "fans" don't much care how its done as long as it gets done. It ain't gettin' done. OK. Lazy players? Get them off the court and play those that aren't lazy. I'd rather lose with enthusiasm than lose with apathy or a giant choke. Some things can't be coached, but foul shooting can be. Basic entry passes against the press can be. Cutting off the ball being driven down the middle can be. Now this might call for a public dressing down during a game but so be it. Martin needs to hold the players accountable. It is not the "fans" responsibility to hold the players accountable. It is the "fans" right to critique the coach, players, and administration when under achieving is obvious.

Written on Mike Strange: This loss should never have happened:

Hey, I had this one in the win column. Apparently the Vols did also.

Written on Vols open SEC play with win over LSU, 68-50:

A solid game on the road. Should be a confidence booster. They need to work on getting around the press, but all played very well, IMO. GBO

Written on Jarnell Stokes plays big on birthday night, and Vols beat LSU 68-50:

A solid game on the road. Should be a confidence booster. They need to work on getting around the press, but all played very well, IMO. GBO

Written on John Adams: Tennessee turning into Team Topsy-Turvy:

in response to rogatl2002#222395:

15 point win on the road over a top 20 SEC team. Please people. DO UT a favor and become Connecticut fans. No one bothers to mention the opening loss at Illinois by the defending undefeated dream team. Pat Summitt was an amazing coach...the best ever...but her teams were NOT perfect either. We are lucky to have Holly...what other coach would have had the guts to follow Pat Summitt??

I thought we were talking about this game. I'm not talking about perfection, I'm talking attitude. 20 second half turnovers with a big lead got them within 4 points of losing. This is a problem and deserves to be recognized. Some of those turnovers were high schoolish and the guilty parties would freely admit as much. And the truth is, whether you can admit it or not, that the Lady Vols came very close to losing a game that should never have gotten that close. GLV.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee turning into Team Topsy-Turvy:

Holly needs to start demanding a no let-up game. How can a national contender allow an opponent to go on a 20-0 run at mid-second half? The turn overs exploded when the lead reached 28 points, led by Simmons. This team needs some Summit stares no matter what the lead is. This game portends of serious problems for the season unless the coaches regain control.

Written on Candace Parker had her moments as Lady Vols star:

Loved her and still do.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols took it to Virginia in every way:

It's always great and exciting to see all those 3's falling but the one stat that impressed me was the free throws made. The 3's won't always fall, but the FTs must. Proud of the way the Vols corrected this trend. If they continue, it will win them more games in the future.

Written on Richardson, Reese lead Tennessee against Morehead State, 82-67:

Some good things and some things that are still bothersome. MSU drove at will to the basket and easy lay-ups, especially in the second half and especially around Thompson. The second half of the second half was sloppy, sloppy. Turnovers rampant. Why is foul shooting still a serious problem? Put another opponent on the floor and this translates into another loss. Happy for the win but was expected, and still sloppy.

Written on GVX Audio: Cuonzo Martin to disgruntled UT fans: 'Put the heat on me':

And remember, you can go 0-30, win the SEC tourney and still go to the Big Dance. This team is not performing to level of its talent and the heat should be on CCM, in my opinion. Does he not realize that he is getting the brunt of the criticism?

Written on David Climer: Bruce Pearl is not in Tennessee Vols' future:

I'd say the odds of Brucie coming back are not in his favor. I also say , never say never. He may not take the job if offered but I'd welcome him back in a heartbeat. He made a mistake, he knows it, and it's time to get over it. I feel certain there are several teams waiting till August to go after him.

Written on Maurice Couch says financial hardship drove him to accept money: 'I was going to lose my family':

in response to ChadBTindell:

Mo Couch isn't a bad guy. He was in a tough position and made a bad decision.

That said, I hope other young men look at the contributing factor here. Having babies knowing you're time and income are severely limited is a mistake. A mistake that carries serious, long term consequences.

I wish Mo, his wife and child much happiness. Vol for Life should also mean we love and support those members of the Vol family who make mistakes. I hope Mo gets a chance to make a living on the football field or with his degree. Most of all, I hope Mo is a great husband and father. Best of luck!

Very well stated. There are many positions on this subject and other posters have taken a more hard line view but I frankly don't know what I would have done in a similar situation at 20 - 21 years of age. I wish Mo the best and he is always a VFL in my opinion.

Written on UTEP knocks off cold-shooting Vols, 78-70:

I envisioned this team being special this year but I have never been a visionary. I'm not underselling UTEP, but the Vols never seem quite prepared for teams, fall behind, then scramble to play catch up. I was all for CCM but am having some serious doubts now. The songs remains the same.

Written on Butch Jones: Cam Sutton received death threat after Vandy loss:

Ignorant, stupid, mountain peckerwoods. I was raised in those mountains and can attest that the people I grew up with would never have stooped to such criminal threats. Cowards, each and everyone.

Actually, after watching the replay of the game and reviewing the stats, it was in fact just as even as the score indicates. Overall, I thought Vandy had the better team and their record indicated as much. I thought the Vols played a great, tough game. Cam wasn't hitting anything through the air so the run game was vital and it came through. For the most part our D stopped the 'Dore's running game and kept the QBs in check. Four plays stood out. The pass that hit Josh Smith in the hands and face that wasn't touched by the defender and fell incomplete. The penalty on Pig that nullified a TD. The long pass at the end that moved Vandy down was just narrowly missed by Sutton. And the fake FG call was just doomed from the start. But Parlady was having the worst nite of the season and may have been hurt. It was a heartbreaking loss but the team overall played great considering everything. I am still behind CBJ and this team all the way. Let's get the win at KY and get this class reeled in. We are on our way back to relevance.

Written on Tennessee overpowers winless Tennessee State, 88-67:

Maymon is still not his old self. Hope he hurries with conditioning and shot making around the basket. He seemed to favor his restored knee last night some. Both he and Stokes seem to get in trouble when they put the ball on the floor.

Written on Vols' lineman Ja'Wuan James will match record for longevity in his final home game:

in response to wigmeister:

Couldn't have been said any better!

My thoughts exactly. Ja'Waun will be greatly missed.

Written on Cuonzo Martin says Vols need Jarnell Stokes to be more aggressive, assertive:

I guess my problem with CCM is that all this should have been addressed, clear-up, whatever, before the first game of the season. This has become an unpleasant pattern for the each season under CCM and then the fight to get the NCAA occurs after too many of these winnable games have been lost.

Written on Mike Strange: This basketball game was lost brick by brick:

in response to johnlg00:

VERY disappointing performance. I have always been a Martin fan. I still am at least in terms of his personal qualities, but this stagnant offense just MUST get fixed if this team is to live up to what I feel are quite reasonable expectations. I have said all along that if he doesn't prove he can handle a talented team, he won't have to worry about handling one in the future. Either he will no longer be at UT or he won't get any more talented players to come here, which of course ultimately means he won't be here long.

There was literally no part of the offense that looked at all like any kind of conscious plan was being followed. I could be more specific but I don't want to write that much right now and I am certain that nobody would want to read it. The defense and rebounding, except for occasional lapses, were good enough to win, but that offense was atrocious considering the available talent. I must say that Maymon is much further from what he was two years ago than I would have thought. I can't imagine why he didn't spend hours, when he couldn't do much of anything else, perfecting his mid-range jumper and free-throws. He would have needed to do that if he ever wanted to play pro ball even if he were 100% healthy. I can cut Barton a bit of slack for not having practiced but a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, but he surely didn't bring much extra last night. The game was clearly too big for the freshmen, including Hubbs, surprisingly enough.

I don't know what I would do to fix the dysfunction I saw last night. It wouldn't necessarily help much to try to get tougher on them--they seemed almost totally intimidated as it was. I almost hate to say it, but USC-Upstate will not be quite the pushover some might think. I saw where they played some fairly big-time program to a virtual standstill last week. The Vols we saw last night could lose to almost anybody. Time to put up or shut up, guys!

Agree with you on almost all points, especially the upcoming USC-Upstate game. This will not be an exhibation match. Vols better come to play or they could be in a really BIG hole.

Written on Mike Strange: This basketball game was lost brick by brick:

The entire team came out tight and over anxious. I'm no expert on much of anything but this is coaching. And I don't think a team comes to peak by playing every player on the roster, espeially when each and every one of them believes they will be leaving after the season for the NBA. Sorry to break the news, but after last nite it should be obvious there is not an NBA player on this roster. Very disappointing loss and eerily like the beginning of each of CCM's seasons as head ball coach.

Written on Personnel Fouls: Sex discrimination suits shake Tennessee :

I got a feeling that UT is about to pay through the nose for Hart's inability to communicate or compromise. The amount will not be forthcoming due to disclosure agreements but it will be large. These courts like nothing better than to obtain satisfaction for the victims, especially when they are women being bullied by Big Bad Dave.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Bruce Pearl, USC should sue NCAA for favoritism:

One of thr best opinions I've read in years. Right on target as far as I'm concerned.

Written on Vincent Dallas, Alan Posey leave Tennessee football team:

Dallas had some baller in him. What happened?

Written on Court rules Debby Jennings can pursue claim of retaliation against UT AD Dave Hart:

in response to Vol1968:

Get ready to pay again UT.

Believe you might be right. At least some payment will likely be forthcoming. As I have said before, where there is smoke....... It's a new age and the good ole boy, men's club not longer prevails. UT can't afford to present itself as stuck in the past.

Written on Missed 'Book of Manning?' No problem:

A great presentation. Could not have done better.

Written on UPDATED: Arian Foster says he 'was getting money on the side' while at UT:

in response to FWBVol:

You are correct that athletes choosing to live off campus receive money to offset the rent and food. And, I believe, off campus athletes still eat lunch and other meals at the athletic department training table.

Foster says athletes should be paid, but I wonder if he just means football players or football and basketball players.

I wonder how he would value the payment of athletes. Would the starting quarterback make more than a backup defensive back? Do you pay freshmen a lesser amount than upper classmen?

Foster and others are good about crying that athletes should be paid, but they really don't look at the big picture about all that would be involved in paying athletes.

My thoughts as well. Since most ADs. Across the nation operate in the red, where does all the cheese come from.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols' QB race is wide open:

in response to holen1:

Why do you think they have a shot in Gainesville ? We have seena lot of top 5-10 Tn teams go to Fla. & fall flat on their faces many times in the past. I do not expect this week to be much different than last week. They are simply not ready. I am not blaming Coach Jones, as he says "it is what it is". He knows we does not have the talent right know to compete against top 25 teams he just can't come out & say it. We all as fans just need to realize this. Win all the games we are supposed to win this year and get 1 or 2 that is considered a toss up late in the year. Get us in a small bowl game at 6-6 and start our way back up the ladder. It called reality people !

Because at some point something good is gonna happen for this team. They don't quit. Jones won't allow that. They will beat one of the ranked teams on the schedule this year. This is their best chance, IMHO. Of course, Vandy may be ranked by then.

Written on Tennessee on verge of an afterthought on Florida schedule:

in response to johnlg00:

This article was from a Florida paper. Although it may hurt Vol fans' feelings, the team's best chance Saturday will be if the Gators DO see the Vols as an "afterthought". Even if they do, it will still be yet another uphill battle for the Vols. We can only hope they have enough resolve, and healthy players, to bounce back from what had to be a devastating loss at Oregon.

By local, I meant a Florida paper. You have a point.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols' QB race is wide open:

Here's my take. Vols have an average QB with very young receivers that have a very difficult time separating. Worley has had game management preached into him so much he is afraid of making a mistake, ie, interception or other turnover. Defenses can crowd the line and dare a conservative, timid, average QB to beat them with his arm. May be time to tell Worley he needs to gamble a bit, take a chance or two here and there, become more confident that he can throw it in there. Work on the receivers to separate. The line has to dominate on runs so the defense doesn't pin their ears back comeing after Worley. Add a few more creative plays on offense. Its not all Worley's fault. This is a team that is in transition and will take time. I still think they have a shot in Gainesville, but will have to play with some reckless abandon, as they used to say.

Written on Tennessee on verge of an afterthought on Florida schedule:

Nothing like becoming a little locker room fodder nor is there anything like being dissed by the local rag.