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Time of day...hmmm.....CUBICLE BOY!!!! A new moniker changes nothing......same old drivel of hatred and direspect. On topic someone asked why a charge and I believe BBQ minus Coach Pearl was the reason.

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Actually something to see here.....another young man trying to ,unknowingly, mess up his life.

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Everytime Jones opens his mouth, I just can't help remembering that Derrick Dooley's "signature win" came against his Bearcats. LOL

Thanks for serving time on our behalf.....that being said , I think that Bearcats were ranked. Many said he had beat no teams in top 25 and they were. That aside........chompers 9-3? 10-2? 8-4? Lil willie can recruit and it's easy where he is. He just needs to have solid coaches around him to coachem and do better than they did against Louisville in bowl game.

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The difference between Pearl's classes and Martins's was not the number of 5 star players but the rest of the class. CBP consistently recruited top 50 players while CCM can't.

Correction.....probably recruiting , but not getting like the Brucester did.....However , those players had their baggage(weapons in Nashville,etc)while Coach Martin's have been relatively clean.

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That's funny. That clown doesn't realize there is no z in Vols.

Remember he/she is a chomper fan........FYI

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Adams is spot on. With the Vols not having enough faith in Butchie Boy to buy their own tickets, the Dawgs will turn Neyland red and administer the 4th straight Dawg-whipping on the Big Gray.

Praying for you.....if you are "CUBICLE BOY" just stirring up the pot that you will be convicted about a life of deceit and repent. Or, if this really is your true daily existence that you will come to Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness fo your sins and have true joy fill your heart. Then ,as led by His Sprirt, you will make those things right where you can and have offended many. I for one will willingly forgive you whether you ask or not. True joy in the midst of the storm...imagine that....

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Equal pay for equal resposibilities is ok. I ,again, will say Ms. Moshak has been a major asset to the University. It's a shame that they feel so slighted that they now sue that place "they loved" to achieve a goal that is going to be hard to achieve in the "Male " dominated sport's world. Moshak and Jennings have had it good all these years while the "Summitt" train has been rolling along. Now that Coach is basically no longer riding Mr. Hart has started streamlining the athletic dept. Female trainers primarily for female athletes removes possible gender conflicts that could arise in the clubhouse. No ,not referring to Peyton's moonshot heard around the world. Something akin to what might have cost recent staffer to resign after Mr. Golden was found to have some course/grade issues that somehow hadn't surfaced. The dangers of our world when no accountability framework established to protect those involved. All that being said the ladies who are suing had it good and knew it, but had/have a bigger agenda . As if title 9 wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong that our athletic dept needed trimming that was exposed by the poor $ in the kitty after we have been paying off hiring mistakes that wreaked havoc with a once deep pool for funding the dept as well as giving to the Academia side. Did Ms. Jenny get the shaft by not being allowed to be considered for the head position? If she was denied consideration on the basis of her suit alone then of course that would be a homerun in the courtroom for her and her suit associates. As many have said, bite the hand that feeds you and then play the playground malcontent does not exactly posture for future considerations as a team player. Oh BTW, notice all of the former players contacted are on her side. Keep in mind though they are working primarily from a frame of reference of how good a trainer she was......not the helpful mediator/mom on the road. Alas this will not end pretty after all is said and done.

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Don't let the door hit ya..Another example of Dave Hart trimming the fat off of the athletic department.

Just curious who do you say will pick up her prior responsibilities? Lil harsh with the "trimming the" slim statement ....we all get set in our ways and things are going good then a major change comes that rattles the cage and sometimes elicits a response of "foul".

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Disputes aside...worth her weight in gold for all the boo boo's she helped to mend/rehabilitate/sling/etc. Yes, issues there but don't be a herman munster and see only the differences and be unthankful for the many helpful things done.....many we don't ever hear or know...............

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Geez man lighten up. He hasn't won or lost. Bet you still have a flat top.

FYI....Dc3 is a chomper fan..........ex-military so try to stay respectful even if he doesn't.............

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Good stat if that was a national ranking......ah yes the days of Coach Rohe and for a while after that we were actually relevant. Now but for an occasional runner here and there we are an embarrassment.

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Another 20-10 season of Gene Keedy basketball will empty more seats.

Yes, Coach KEADY had winning teams at Purdue. Optimism abounds in Green Acres.....Gee Mr. Douglas.....Oliver...Oliver....about as relevant as what I responded to....

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Or as some have intimated.....lilpupmonthevening is alias....CUBICLE BOY!!!! That was what the reference to JA was about.....instigator from the inside at KNS. I mean really no one can be that hateful and ignorant(apparently).

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Guess it is better to be in the 'Gray' than the dark.....................

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So, you're unemployed??

His favorite singer is either Johhny Paycheck or Steve Miller with'Take the money and run.". Either way is proud (apparently) of being lazy and good at it. That "Pride comes before the fall..." shows no favoritism.....

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Maybe the UTAD has established a preemptive buyout fund, for the 9 million you'll owe Butchie after his 15-21 three year run.

:0 :( no in between for you.........The fans they cheer for.........CUBICLE BOY!!!!! Save us from boring postings with blather guaranteed to incite the followers to mayhem........ok not quite that glorious for you......really brings sadness to my heart that one could be so bitter and unhappy...........

On topic, ticket sales will follow effort by the Vols. Play hard and compete and more will pay....normally

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They have their phenom freshladies vs. our youngins with lil upper class thrown in..............Ms. Hatchell most likely salivating to put a pounding on Vols after the whooping at The Tommy Bowl last fall.........

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As always, the inimitable Adams baits Vol fans, by closing strong, and they never get it.

Hint: It's what they, the Vols, haven't accomplished (read won't accomplish under Butchie Boy) that counts. When the stomping commences at the hands of Oregon, Florida, S.C., Bama, Auburn, Mizzou, Vandy, and the mighty Dawgs, there will be plenty of time for Adams to weigh in and for Vol fans to whine; whine about all the usual suspects that "have it in" for you - Adams, ESPN, Charles Woodson, etc. That's what perennial 5-7 or 4-8 teams do.

Trollin....Trollin...Trollin down a river.......

On topic, Mr. Adams,that of the Adams family,merely stated the truth this time about things that be happening around us. Only bashing was the jab at pulling back from Tar Heel game. I for one am optimistic about this year with a serious dose of realism added. I know that with the current schedule and all the current unknowns with our team that realistic VOL fan sees a non-winning record. Doesn't mean we want one, but seeing many area's of concern. If I see progress and a 'no quit' attitude then I know the "brick by brick" is real and breeds optimism in the fan base. So they will play the games from coast to coast with the results being what they will be.

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THe big deal here is a young woman was violated as she was unconscious. Youmg men whether futbol players or not did an ugly act. Yes, this case they were Vanderbilt players. Really doesn't matter any way...........

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Nice to know already which cupcake game I will skip in 2014...

Glad to have you on board for EVERY game...............All VOL all the way............

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If you are a florida fan and posting on a vols board, you are the definitive answer to: 'What is a true looser?'

Like "Greatest" LOSER...........However if they are too LOOSE with a chomper fan angst may occur...........are my shoe laces too LOOSE?

On topic, I don't deny that a losING record is very probable, but at the same time at best a 7-5 is possible. Tough schedule with too many key positions to be filled. Thus we still say play the games..................

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"losing is a disease...,as contagious as syphilis".

dooley could have used that half-pint psychologist.

All I saw was "losing is a disease." Reread article and no use of that ugly condition.On topic, we have the right coaches and in time 2-3 yrs will be in the mix , for the east if not all of it. Depends if Saban and Miles move on.........

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So, out of the first 5 posts, you Vol wannabe miscreants have annoyed the rest of us by reposting that trailer-trash's posts, just to elicit approval for your "cleverness." Whose usaf and what type of faith are you boys representing? Just ignore the trolls and stick to topic. Is that too complicated for you? GBO!......inspite of the idiots.

For the record I was posting to Cap'n and not you. If ewe see the same stuff in my post then I thoughtfully suggest skipping it. Oh btw you are the only one who has posted that the"miscreants" have annoyed you. Again thank you for the thoughtful and polite chastisement. I'm a mere simpleton so sticking to topic is always my goal with other lil tidbits blended in from time to time. My faith to answer your question, is in Jesus Christ and, Him alone. Rock of Ages doesn't disappoint like man does.............there from one alum to another...what year did you graduate from the hill? Await your response if you deem a response worthy of my lil humble self...........

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Lots of feel good articles will follow and Big Orange Kool-aide will flow freely. Reality will not set in until mid September though.

I see a historically bad season ahead for the Voles:

08/31/2013 Austin Peay UT 32 AP 3
09/07/2013 Western Kentucky UT 31 WK 17
09/14/2013 at Oregon UT 13 OR 41
09/21/2013 at Florida UT 14 FL 27
09/28/2013 South Alabama UT 42 SA 14
10/05/2013 Georgia UT 24 GA 42
10/12/2013 Open date ---
10/19/2013 South Carolina UT 21 SC 24
10/26/2013 at Alabama UT 10 UA 35
11/02/2013 at Missouri UT 27 UM 28
11/09/2013 Auburn UT 22 AU 24
11/16/2013 Open date ---
11/23/2013 Vanderbilt UT 17 VU 27
11/30/2013 at Kentucky UT 28 UK 17

So that you don't have to write them down, I've done it for you. 4 - 8

Cap'n on the deck blows his lil whistle and says," Now hear this..." Then mommy ruins the whole thing by saying ,"Tommy time to get out of the tub.."

On topic, realist know this is a hard schedule with so many unanswered questions about the team. So a 4-8 might be realistic, but when you get nasty and throw in the 'kool-aid' reference you've played your cards and your bluff has been called................

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Most of these postings look like they are straight off SNL back in the day....."Thank you Hayne..."See who catches/identifies that one..........GM

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Proud of our ladies representing team USA well!!!

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To Owensboro no one knows the pain you have better than your Creator. Anger has never solved anything except once when Jesus cleared the temple. I am watching one precious lady at church fight for her life with strong faith and compassion for those in her same situation. We continue to pray for peace and comfort for those in these and past situations.

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Jeanne Dixon fans where ard you? Watching the sta*rs..............As sais earlier by many, going to trust coaches on what they see after evaluations of film and in person interviews............

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Chomper/cubicle child? Thought we already celebrated your 9th birthday and was it so fine? Rising Senior with a season to play...numbers go up or numbers go down.........chompers play Louisville where we are all expecting Sir William and his charge to put a whooping the remember "pride comes before the fall" that is foolish pride......welcome young man if you choose to honor your commitment next February.

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That is a pretty generous to predict UT finishes 5th. Particularly since they are in year one of building "Brick by Brick"?

4-8 likely

Your kittens were predicted to finish where? You and Brett Maverick aka who is he today need to get together and work on the scripts you use so that you accentuate each other's points.....oops already being done.........

On Topic, VOLS will be fine......Not going to BCS bowl....but think will play hard all the way..

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Lets name all the great Florida quarterbacks.. hmmmmm. i cannot think of any.. i am sure there are some...

This Troll/plant professes to be a fan of kantutsy not chomper land............

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Can recruit and appears to be able to coach up as well. Even though pablo vandee man says did what he did with Mr. Kelly's recruits one could say if the talent is there he knew what to do with it................

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ah the early morning grumbler.....bluebird of unhappiness.......Evidently you were chanting USSR! USSR! instead of USA! USA! USA! The article was/is on the USA team and Ms.Massengale. Not how she played at UT last year. You are a reinvented poster anyway who got banned for posting such drivel as this in the past. USA!USA!

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Hey there crappy commode I did notice that you have yet to comment on the article about the naming of the 4 losers that were canned by Vanderbutt. What up do you only comment on UT articles? Loser!!!

He is now labeled....CUBICLE BOY!!!! The dream police play too light and loose with him to be a trollodyte as he serves their purpose by increasing usership with his CommodeDoor diatribes that taste of envy and emptiness. You know if your ANCHOR is always DOWN then you ain't sailing or going anywhere.....just a lil reminder there to the Cap'n of the tugboat navy.....

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Ain't gonna throw a stone since the same happens everywhere and we may be next......sad the girlfriend(knows how to treat his lady) didn't get protected by her guy if everything went down as alledged. Our society is in a sad state and has been going down a bad pathway for years and doesn't seem to care.....

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You're probably some 60 year old Scoutmaster from Powell with a gray beard. Everything you say is literally the opposite of the truth and screams of "hee, hee, I drive a red Chevy S10".

The B Bear doesn't need defending, but don't put down the Scouts!!!

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See comment from NO_DIGGITY..above....

Mission accomplished.

A very small, little man whose life is misguided alone derives pleasure from annoying others as they have no other means of deriving joy from life. Ever contemplated why this derangement gives you satisfaction? Looking for joy in all the wrong places? I'm just really hoping you are CUBICLE MAN!!!!!! A kns plant whose job description states creating a mania/hostile zone to promote usership etc.............

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Our Commodedoor resident can't help hisself with more unsmackaroni that is a joke. We get a 4* and you talk it like it was a 1*. But then considering the source no surprise......About that Franklin whipping.........Hey Hey it's great to be a Tennessee Vol!! No koolaid needed to be a Vol fan!!

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Pitching sounded like the issue against the opposition in these big games. So why did Ms. Ricketts not see eye to eye with USA and possibly,not putting blame here,cost USA a better opportunity at the gold?

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What the Vols have to Offer? Does it differ from school to school, like as in is he getting paid or something?

I actually think UT brings a whole lot more(legitimately) to the table than your post have brought in the past...........Some people just feed on dishing out negativity like sharks feed off blood in the water.............

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They just know we are normally the dominant football league so we can understand the engraver's dilemma...................

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Tennessee continues their long standing tradition of cheating at every opportunity. And the Athletic Department refuses to clean up the mess.


How many times did God's word say I have to forgive for your infractions if they were against me? Seventy times Seven......Of course , if the individual doesn't want or sense the need it doesn't matter. Anyway I forgive you for incessantly trying to stir the pot as Katsucky fan whose paw has lost its way............

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Keep growing your game Ariel and bring home the gold for USA!

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And they'll come back with their typical haul of 2 star guys that nobody else wanted, claim they've found sleepers and continue to lead the world in first round NIT losses.... you RememberWhen ewe were quiet?

Man everyday for you is a'sky is falling' day evidently.......

on topic, at least the coach knows where to go and what they are looking for........

Written on Wall Street Journal: Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson had cocaine in car:

Some of our esteemed posters have way TOO much's just hidden away from the public view........tough love is good.....insensitvity is...........oh well I spoke earlier of what I think young master Henderson needs.....

Written on Wall Street Journal: Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson had cocaine in car:

Sad how so many talented individuals listen to the wrong voice thinking no major repercussions will occur then.............kaboom! Bible simply states,"Your sin will find you out." Didn't say today,tomorrow, or six months/years. Simply said IT WILL find you......hope he gets his heart and head right and doesn't completely destory his life.

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Yeah, if you get one of the 10 spots on the end that actually have room to set something down. Or if you hate grass. But hey, the big shots will see you!

What I found so "considerate" was people with G parking passes on the top level by the Tommy Bowl who would commandeer more than one spot and setup their own Alamo if you will. Yes ,I want them to enjoy the experience ,but your pass is for one spot only. They also will put seats at the front of the parking spot and have their vehicle sticking out farther. Imagine Barney Fife saying,"citizens arrest."

Written on Mississippi suspends G Henderson indefinitely:

Evidently the old "Marshall" has been replaced by Barney Fife's replacement and leniency will not be tolerated......Nipped in "The Bud" so to speak.............hope the kid grows up and doesn't let his lack of current smarts waste an oportunity for professional ball go by the wayside. He is talented and knows it....Pray he gets good counsel and is receptive to it in a positive manner.

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There's rolltidejoe right on queue. Joe wears orange pajamas. I have a photo.

You know your admitting having a picture of such is going to raise a few questions about how you secured the picture in question...................On topic, the violations are so miniscule that it is almost laughable.....then we are talking about the nC2a.