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Written on How many wins will the Vols have this season?:

I'll take 4-5 wins under Butch Slaps' 1st season vs another year under Stooley any day. In this case I'll take progress over the present & I'd rather have this coach buiding a long term foundation for the future than some Cali kid almost beating AL 1 time his 1st season. So we lose most the games...big deal. TN is looking to be "better off next year" for the 1st time in a decade +.

Written on Poll: What is the best way to increase student attendance at home football games?:

As a UT grad, it's a _____ crime they even charge students for tickets. I was there from 98-01 and they were free like they should be.

And to anyone that thinks $10 isn't a HUGE amount of money to a college kid...I remember when I used to live an entire week on $10. It's a big deal when you live off $0.29 hamburger Wednesday's at Mcdonalds, 10 cent beer nights on the strip. You can live well on $10 not spent on watching a fball game.

Let the kids in for freeeeee!

Written on Former UT safety Dave Bennett dies at 42:

Our condolences & prayers to your family and friends.

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

Don't forget the Canadians need football players too and is arena football still around?

Written on Butch Jones' new Tennessee staff to make a combined $3 million, handsome raises over 2012 salaries :

in response to tnoutlaw2001#228008:

This is just Alabama, now go look at Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Auburn, Florida just to name a few and count the coaching changes and everything else you are trying to cry about and see if it matters. It happens every year at several colleges and will happen again next year, and the year after, will you still try to claim it's the downfall of a major University and hope your rants on a fan page will make a change?

Alabama since 1996, and what happened in between for the cry babies who forget history in college football.

Gene Stallings 90-96
Mike Dubose 97-2000
Dennis Franchoine 2001-02
Mike Price 2003
Mike Shula 2003-2006
Joe Kines 2006
Nick Saban 2007-present

Amen. People forget the lost decade at AL. They also seem to forget that back in the glory days, on any given year the mighty SEC was only a 3 maybe 4 team league. What was it, 17 yrs that the only 2 teams to ever win the east were FL or TN? Hm, so maybe TN got those recruits because GA, SC, & Vandy couldn't hang.

Hm...AL stunk for a decade. Auburn was on or recovering from probation. The 2 MS schools were completely irrelevant as was AR. LSU wasn't near what they've been.

So in the 90's, you're a 5* recruit. Did you come to TN for tradition...for the stadium...Fulmer? Or because you had a 40% chance of winning the SEC east every year because back then, doormats included teams like GA, SC, AR, MS, MS St, Vandy, KY, and even had a chance at the down AL.

Call me nuts, but there just wasn't the competition from those SC, AR type schools back then to take our recruits. And don't forget FL's later Zook years either where a few of those were spread around.

The last 5-7 or so years when the league is finishing with 4-6 SEC teams in the Top 10...wouldn't that push those TN teams not in the top 10 that much further down in recruiting?

Quit complaining about a "2nd tier" coach. Win/loss wise, it's an 8th tier program. Fine, I'll give you tradition and bump us to a 5-6th tier...but how could we expect any better?

Written on Mel Kiper recommends another year for Tyler Bray:

in response to monstermd:

For me personally, at this point I'm just ready for the dust to settle to see what we have going into spring training and what recruits we have coming in the fall. Sometimes getting a fresh start means not only purging coaches, but players. I only want those players next year who want to play for the University of Tenn. Not improve their draft stock.

Amen. Losing is infectious and we only need players with the right attitude that WANT to play for UT. We don't need Kelly Washington attitudes or Jamal Lewis types coming back for 1 more year for "me & my stock". A fish rots from the head down. If his heart isn't in it, it's better for everyone just to go.

Same with JH & CP, although both would benefit greatly in both experience and $$$ if they'd stay, we'll survive.

If you 3 want to go back for the sake of being a part of the betterment of UT and the underclassman that look up to you, come on back and let's see if we can't upset somebody next year. Glad to have you. Otherwise, congrats on your NFL gig. All the best.

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

in response to TucsonVol:

You are the one that is nuts!!! Dooley beat this guy to death!!!! We should have kept Dooley!!!

Yes, Cinci is the only team with a winning record that Dooley beat. But as bad as UT was, the SEC beating a Big Least is what is supposed to happen. There's a reason why Saban didn't win 2 NC's at MI St. His success if you will was capped by being at that school in that conference. Besides, that's the only thing Dooleft did right...preparing the Vols to win the 1st game of the year (ie. you think TN would have beat Cinci or NC St in Nov?).

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

Ya'll are nuts. He's a solid coach with a winning percentage 800% better than Stooley's. With the state of our program right now, you might call it a "2nd tier coach" but that's a heck of land for a 5th tier program. Our schedule next year posts a min of 6 losses. Takes a lot of moxy to walk into that. CO & Purdue wanted him. It's a great hire and I don't think it's 2nd rate at all. Everyone's been asking who else do you want? TN gets a proven HC that can at least win twice what he loses and keeps a mid-major schoold competitive nationally. You're kidding yourselves if expected anything more, but this is not a 2nd rate hire. Good man and coach. Welcome to TN!

If you read this, dont' worry that the majority of TN fans voted no. They also all voted Kifftard & Stooley and most want Fulmer back. YOu're the right man for TN right now.

Go Vols! (well, in 2014).

Written on Butch Jones to hold UC team meeting Friday morning:

Uh, don't think he turned down a "5 year $135 million" contract. That's NBA, baseball money. 27 million a year. He must be gooooood!

Written on Is Tennessee's coaching search nearing the finish line, or does Dave Hart still plan more talks? :

in response to pcshowtime:

somebody tell me this Why is that Ohio St can be on probation and go out and hire someone like myer. However, if we need a guy he has to be an up and comer gamble.

Because OSU is the top dog in their conference. They win it or at least play for the title what, 3-4 out of 5 years. They're king on recruiting in their area. How many times in the least 7 years have they finished in the top 5? They're nearly always NC contenders. 1 year probation, big deal. Unlike TN, who is surrounded by better teams, is not anywhere close to the top in recruiting, and hasn't competed for a BCS bowl in a decade. Dominating the Big Canada 10 is relatively easy at OSU, plus it's Meyer's home ground. Winning at TN, right now...not so likely.

No matter what coach is hired, TN loses 6 games next year based on schedule alone. No matter what. Would you take on that job playing 4 of the top 5 teams in the country?

Written on Plenty of questions remain as Vols close season:

Sounds crazy, but I almost rather all 3 go. It's Kelly Washington syndrome from 01. It's not their fault but none of these kids can help be scarred from the last 3 years. They've been thru a ton & it's about impossible to not have the wrong attitude going in. We've learned how important senior leadership is to the team...those would be a our big 3 leaders? Let them go and wish them luck. Starting from scratch might be better in the long run.

Written on Who should Tennessee go after as its next coach?:

I think the same 52% of Vols fans voting Gruden, are the same that voted Obama back in.

PS - losing costs the school 8 figures easily per year. Money is not an issue when used to stop the departing fan base.

They'll be able to hire whoever will actually come.

Ya'lls Fulmer idea, there's 1 scenario it might be worth it. IF we can't find the right man this year, IF everyone we want won't come at this time & we're forced into making another 7th pick Dooley special...would it be such a crazy idea to announce Fulmer as an interim coach until we get our man...maybe not so crazy... I'd take him for a year just to settle us & allow more time on that big hire.

Lastly, to make up a number, if we're losing say $8 million/year due to dropped ticket sells, no bowl game, etc by losing...just for giggles I'd offer that same amount to Saban and the few other elite coaches. They'll say no. But there's nothing to lose (except another bad year and another $8 mil).

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley defends coordinator Sal Sunseri, but admits woeful statistics don't lie :

Last year was GA's 1st year in the 3-4. They opened with a loss to BSU & were shaky in the new D...for a few games. By game 6, they finished the 2nd half of the season with the #1 D ("statistically" as Dooley loves to say) ahead of both Bama & LSU. It's not impossible to learn a D in a year. It shouldn't take 3-4 for these guys to learn anything short of calculus or ice hockey. I hate the GA Dawgfuls worse than anyone, but they did it...just sayn.

Written on Is a "moral victory" acceptable against Alabama?:

The moral victory wasn't acceptable vs GA, or MS St, or any other close game we have. Dooley's fate games are fast approaching & those are back to back tough opponents in...Troy & MO. Forget AL & SC. Troy had MS St beat until the the last minute & if MO comes in 0-6 in teh SEC & having lost to Vandy & home & BEATS TN at home...oh lord please don't let this happen. Just hope we're not too broken after the next 2.

Written on Tennessee defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri: 'These big plays are killing me' :

Lack of actually fixing the problems within a month is what's killing me. Other teams have made the successful switch before (i.e. GA's 1st year under the 3-4 was last season, they lost the opener to BSU but by game 6, they finished with a better D stat wise that both AL & LSU the last the half the season). Makes me throw up a little to bring up his name, but Monty brought a new D & they picked it up & improved. Not a completely new D, but new, & both he & GA had better talent on the field, so granted.

The country simply gives too much credit to the 1 word resume - worked for "Saban". That's all you hear. They coached for him, superstar! You know, like Muchump & Dooley. Sensari was linebackers coach. I like the guy tho. Our D actually seems to stay up & least & doesn't seem to have the quiting attitude (stopping GA on those last few series), they just continue to make the same mistakes over & over & over.

Will be interesting to see what MS St does to KY, who's awful, but just gave SC a scare.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Can these Vols pull off another Sanford shocker?:

Not only is there no chance, covering the 14 point spread is Lock of the Week.

Written on Tennessee has chance to redeem Florida loss with game at No. 5 Georgia :

Love nothing more than beating the Dawgfuls, but they're just not going to let Dooley Jr do that in their house, even if he was capable. This is the beginning of the end as they fall apart over this 4 game stretch.

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