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Tennessee would be smart in hiring Bruce again. The program is not going to go anywhere scheduling easy games just for a win. They will not win many SEC games and probably will not recruit any worth while players. Sorry Martin but you were dumb to accept Hamilton's offer to start with. When is Martin going to get any mix on the team. Why do we recruit from the jails? Football time in Tennessee so who cares about Basketball now?

Yes...Get Pearl back!! Boot Martin!!

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Really?! I think we can design something wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than that. Please try again. I'm not opposed to nice, new design but..... that smokey is not getting it.

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sorry but.... a loss to start the season against lowly AP would be ultimate humiliation and... devastating. However, that will never happen and the big Orange will roll to 8 and 4 with a couple of nice surprises. GBO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow... this could be the start of the fall of an era.... You can bet the NCAA will be up there anal system for a while about this. Makes you wonder what's in store and if that has been a part of the tide recruiting success. lets stay tuned......... there might be a few more players or x-players come out with confirmation on this illegal activity.

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anchor is to commode-door as,
Franklin is to phooey-pile. ...just sayin

Written on RB Jabo Lee confirms he won't be coming to UT, but says other schools still in mix: first we get mr. jabo because we missed out on the other running backs. and now, he does not qualify.... we also have rajion neal and marlin lane....that says no playing time for him this year. And you have mr. hill from last year and jalen hurd coming in not to mention paulk. I think it is his best choice to choose another school if he really has a desire to play. best wishes jabo.

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This is great, but I hope we are saving 2 spots for some very special twins.

.........yes. Maybe the Berry twins and a couple of big uglies for defense like Barett and Ford??

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Gaulden is listed 4-star on Rivals. The story on Rivals says uncommitted 4-star DE Derek Barnett from Brentwood took his friend Gaulden and his family on his latest visit to Tennessee. With Gaulden committing Barnett a 6'3" 270 pounder may not be far behind.

....yep, I was thinking Barnett and Poona Ford for a couple of the big uglies.

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cordarrelle and the vikings in the super bowl

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#1 Pick 2* recruit....enough said

How right you are. Before the super bowl, they had a list of all of the starters. In this list was, where they attended college and their star rating out of h.s. They were mostly 2 and 3 stars with just a few 4 and 5 stars. Hey, Boise state has never had a top 50 recruiting class but they continue to place in the top 10 with a bunch of 2 stars. Is it recruiting or coaching??........ or both?!!

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Oh! Good gosh NO! No! No! Tennessee hasn't recovered from the Fulmer era yet. Don't start another!


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Hunter, Patterson, Bray????? I hope they have the maturity. That one more year could mean a major difference. Regardless, good luck to these guys. It was great to have them at UT.

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I SECOND THE MOTION!!!!!!!!!! PETRINO!!! Let him make appology for bad boy behavior and put the WINNER to work. he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

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Yes to Fulmer...Keep Chaney as OC and bring back Chavis as DC.

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UT 35
GSU 3 the half.

UT 35

Written on Tennessee receiver Jason Croom likely to make debut Saturday :

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Mr Quinn, I must disagree with your wolfpack win prediction. You must be from carolina and that's ok. The big orange will have a greatly improved defense and probably wont allow NCS 20 points. And, our offense will be a major, because of such a killer passing game. And two, the O-line is in great form with experience and depth. The big orange will hang about 35 on the pack. Thus, giving you reason to whimper about a 35 to 20 spanking. Enjoy your beat down. :)

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I'm going to agree w/ snake. It seems the talk around the SEC is...'Play UT's incredible pass game to contain them'. Well, if that is there focus then maybe we will just run the fun out of it for 200 yards!! GBO!

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OK... there once was a guy (Bryce Brown) that made a last minute decision to play for UT instead of Miami. THEN, there was this other guy (Borque) that did the same thing. Both decided not to continue there football careers at UT and left for another college. The B.B. guy didnt pan out at any other university probably causing him millions in his arogant quest to be in the NFL. The second guy.... ???

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I think Fulmer got it right when asked last year how he thought the Vols were doing, and his reply was, "Well, now that I'm just an alum, I think they ought to win 'em all."

Lol... gotta love that guy. He did a great overall job and got screwed for a couple down years. It's great he is still a fabulous ambassador for the Vols. I vote 9 wins with losses to Ala., Ga., and Troy. (kidding)

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If the men's award is the Wooden Trophy, the women's side should be the Summitt Trophy. Nothing more and nothing less.

Good thoughts also.

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I dont understand your conclusion. Maybe this is a much better defense being installed? And, maybe they'll get the other 20% down pat in summer practice? I'd like to think that our defense will look something like Alabamas'.... and you know what they did.

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Top 10 passing game + a top 25 running game = a top 15 season??????????????

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Is this a "chicken or egg" come first question? lol

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This article is about Baggett not Dooley and it seems to me like this. If I made 425k as a WR coach at a major university in the SEC and couldn't handle a college kid under me because he had an attitude, I would resign too, and I wouldn't ask to be paid off. Some of you people need to get a grip and realize that everything that comes from these so called insiders is not usually the way it is. When you have 85 athletes to see after there are going to be some problems. Hopefully this year the rebuilding of our team will result in what we all want, a return to respectability and a chance to win every game. If it doesn't happen then we might have to make a change again.


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Just curious....since Cutclff and the Mannings have a good history, and Peyton has had physical problems that could lead to NFL retirement.... just curious if Cut and Peyton are discussing future employment options?....hypothetically, Peyton could get in a couple of years of coaching under Cut before being ready to coach at a bigger program.... wonder what witch doctor thinks?

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Hey Pat777,
That's a good point but, you have to look at the coaching changes too. Boise state has never had a top 50 recruiting class but the right coaching takes a bunch of 2*s and they contend in the top 10 every year.

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<<<< Yea...But...we just landed McCullers, a 6'6" 380 lb DT!!!!!!!!! GBO

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Dude....I would love to see that! BUT, i would be willing to bet you are very, very wrong. We cant score. And to compete in the mighty SEC, you gotta put up an average 30 points or more a game. Heck, we are ranked 117th in scoring.

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Written on The Streak Ends: Tennessee falls to Kentucky, 10-7 :


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maybe PEYTON MANNING will leave the NFL and want to coach at his ole alma-mater???

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E: All the above.

Yep.... it's a combination of all 3. The o-line is not blowing anybody away. The R-backs are not killer quality and, the O-line coach is slacking. ......OVERHAUL!!!!!

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Cool, now the southeast conference can be called the midsouteastern conference....or, midwesteastern conference....or, maybe just get a team from the southeast like VT, or Clemson, or Fla.St. or......

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It would be nice if this rivalry were once again competitive. As things stand now, TN means as much to Ala as Vandy does to TN. It's a shame that playing UT in football is no longer a big deal to anyone except Vandy and KY.
For that matter, it may be just Vandy since KY started playing Louisville. So we start playing Auburn again every year - who cares? It won't matter who we play unless Dooley starts bringing in some top rated recruits and is able to develop them. Right now these 3-star wonders he's signing aren't going to put the Big Orange back in the top tier of the conference.

I wish our program was back to being more competitive too but....if the problem is the 3 stars, then why does Boise state finish top 5 year after year with only 2 star players? A coaching staff makes the difference especially given time to solidify a strong program. I, like many vol loyalists, want something to happen now. Hopefully next year we win 8 or 9 and get better cause, vol nation wont tolerate less much longer.

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Yo mama 7...yo daddy 0!! lol

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I disagree. Last weeks game with Fla is an example of what 5* freshmen and sophomores( Fla) do to 3* freshmen and sophomores(Tenn).

AND....tell the whole star rating thing to boise state who hasn't finished in the top 50 recruiting....ever.

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I disagree. You give us a blocked punt and an 83 yard screen play TD and that makes us the best team.

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I wish we could be in the NCAA but.... the team's chemistry just aint there this year. C'mon BP, make em jel!!!!

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you nailed it.

frick and frack.... the sky is falling.... better go back to mamaw's basement.

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.....just had a #12 recruiting class.... you make lame comments. Are you just a natural negative person or, are you a troll?

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i heard he got a new tattoo!! it is now smokey taking a squirt on the tiger tattoo!!

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Somebody forgot to tell Boise state that stars don't mean sh**....after all, they've never had a top 50 recruiting class but have a top 10 winning season consistantly.......with a bunch of 2 stars.

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maybe they'll come out with LK urinal mats?!

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Written on Cam Newton declares for NFL draft: i was saying, Cam to the NFL and AU to a fancy 8-4 season in '11. Looks like it's back to LSU and Bama for the west.

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Go SEC!!! Congrats AU...however, I think Cam leaves for the NFL and AU is 9-3 next year behind stinky bama 10-2 AND.... les miles goes to Mich leaving lsu to be 8-4.