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Written on Mark Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer takes responsibility, likes UT Vols coach Butch Jones:

Fulmer is delusional.
Bet he wishes he'd hired Mike Debord instead of Dave Clawson. Tennessee would have continued with the power running game and the Vols would have gotten Ryan Mallet as a sophomore transfer in the transition. Fulmer would still be king.
Like I said before, the game had passed him by and he knew it. He hired Clawson to try to spice it up. He swung and missed and it cost him his job.
Kinda like Hamilton with Kiffin and Dooley. Bad hires.

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

The game had passed Fulmer by. It's foolish to argue otherwise. He would not succeed now if some misguided program gave him a chance.
The decline began in the second half of the 2001 SEC championship game against LSU.
Fulmer needs to bask in the glow of 1998 because he had it figured out. Take your bows then go away quietly, Coach.

Written on Vols handle Morehead State, but Dave Serrano unimpressed with effort as big SEC series looms:

in response to voloffaith:

Checked signing class 2013-2014 and six of ten signees are pitchers including Coach Serrano's son. So they see the need and are attempting to fill. Again will all these make it to the hill in fall 2013?

voloffaith, I think we're all a little tired of you. Find someplace else to haunt. Your opinions are not needed here.
Do you realize EVERY college baseball team in the country loses talent to the draft?
It's the way this team is losing that is disturbing. No power and no pitching translates to a bleak future, especially when you give away baserunners.
And I agree, black uniforms are a disgrace.

Written on Loss to Arkansas puts Vols at mercy of rival in order to reach SEC tournament :

in response to vorangel:

More disappointment. This is bleak. At least careless baserunning and poor
Obviously pitching is a big problem. These youngsters pitching the last two days are the future. Next year could be a repeat. There does not appear another horse like Godley wearing orange. I mean black...

Meant to say careless baserunning and poor defense were not the cause of these losses. Lack of leadership, maybe...

Written on Loss to Arkansas puts Vols at mercy of rival in order to reach SEC tournament :

More disappointment. This is bleak. At least careless baserunning and poor
Obviously pitching is a big problem. These youngsters pitching the last two days are the future. Next year could be a repeat. There does not appear another horse like Godley wearing orange. I mean black...

Written on Vols rally in ninth but fall to Georgia 8-7:

This is pathetic. Too many baserunners are getting thrown out. Little League coaches know more about maximizing runners on base and being too stupidly aggressive than this bozo of a coach.
This happens again and again. It shouldn't happen twice in the same game. Yet it continues.
Hoover looks like a long shot.
This baseball team has been very disappointing, like a lot of the Tennessee programs.

Written on Kentucky pounces late to overcome Vols:

Can you smell it? That's toast, and it's burning.

Written on Vols come back against Gamecocks, but not all the way back:

This team has a legitimate shot of missing the SEC Tournament. 12 of 14 teams make it! Disgraceful...
No excuses.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

I have to agree on all points. The SEC is weak. Pathetic. Four teams is too many to go to the dance from this conference.
This team has been so inconsistent. Disappointing ending.

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

What a poorly written story. As pathetic as the game and the season.

Written on Fulmer says he'd be 'willing to help' ETSU:

Guess Fulmer still doesn't realize the game has passed him by.
Maybe he's cashed his last buyout check and needs a hobby.

Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

After lackluster non-conference season, Vols need to go about 12-6 in SEC to get a look for the tournament, but 0-2 is a bad start.
The SEC is lousy, so there is a chance...

Written on John Adams: Another rivalry headed the wrong way for UT :

Good thing SEC basketball is lousy. This team is barely average - most of the time.
Butch is sure not wowwing the SEC-level football recruits so far. Hope it's a rosier picture come signing day than it is now. But the vibes are not positive.

Written on Vanderbilt wins Music City Bowl to cap 9-4 season:

Like it or not, Franklin has the Commodores playing solid football, and the future looks bright for them.
I attended the Vandy-Tennessee debacle at Nashville and watched pre-game warmups. Wish we had a few of those offensive linemen who didn't play, especially the Jelks kid.

Written on David Climer: Time to give Derek Dooley some credit:

What baffles me is, why did Dooley never figure out the Orange Pants were losers? Look at the record... Fear the Orange Pants? Only if you're a Tennessee fan. The guy was too interested in being cute.
I credit him for not coaching the Kentucky game. Of course, he didn't coach the one last year, either.

Written on Recruiting job one for Tennessee coaches :

in response to Ironcity:

If you look at average star ranking we are jsut outside the top 10, The reason we are low is because we let 5 guys go. None of those guys were significant loses and will be easily replaced. Once UT adds players we will move right back up into the teens. That said these coaches know its about the Jimmy's and the Joe's not so much the X's and the O's. We have to upgrade the talent here and from listening to these guys they realize that first and foremost without talent, you are not going to compete in the SEC.

Wishful, but not likely.
Recruiting moves at a different speed now than it did when Fulmer was here. Tennessee doesn't have enough of the relationships it needs to grab the higher quality seniors at this point.
It's going to get worse before it gets better.
We are likely to lose Skipper (waiting on Stanford to admit him) and Carr will likely go elsewhere. Bradley would have signed Wednesday if he was coming to Knoxville.
We may pick up some Cincinnati targets, however. But not the Alabama-Florida-Georgia-LSU-South Carolina type of recruit.
This is reality.

Written on Some UT football season tickets available for $300, no donation:

The best seat in the house is at the house.
No charge. No parking issue. No long ride home after a poor performance. If it's not on TV, no big deal, it probably wasn't a very good opponent anyway.
Donation? You've got to be kidding me...

Written on John Adams: Too late to get tough with Tyler Bray :

Well said, Mr. Adams. You are correct as usual. Tennessee football has become painfully irrelevant and everybody knows it.
Bray is a huge disappointment. Again. You just know every third-down throw will sail away incomplete.
Dooley has been in over his head from day one. It's hard to imagine how a coach can go 14-18 and still make jokes. But I'm afraid he'll be back. And Sunseri, too.

Written on Tennessee offensive line has flourished under new coach, faster offense:

I for one am tired of you. Thank you KNS...

Written on Derek Dooley gets another shot against ranked opponent :

in response to RockyMtnVol:

Its easier to be negative than to look for the positive. Bored people are boring and unhappy people like to make others unhappy.....its just a fact, that everyone one of the negative post are from people who's own life is a negative, they don't want others to be winners, its easier for losers to try and describe any situation and relate it to their own lives. It doesn't matter if UT wins or loses Saturday, you will still find fault, you might not post it, but in your mind you'll have negative thoughts about the team, coaches, refs, bad call, good call etc... IF UT was to go 11-1, you would find reason to make it all look like your life. I hope each of you have no influence over another human or child, because you are a virus that won't stop or want to.

Go Vols!!!

Obviously RMV you want to be a judge when you grow up.
Nobody cares what you think. It must be awful to be tired and sad and judgemental.
Go ahead and respond. Like many of these posts, the truth hurts.

Written on Final: Florida 37, Tennessee 20:

I was a fun week of pretend relevance, but obviously this team is a fraud.
When will Dooley give up those pants? Is 1-8 in the SEC not enough? Hopefully he gets cashed in soon...

Written on Tennessee looks to alternatives after Da'Rick Rogers' indefinite suspension :

Dooley's lousy character judgements and personnel decisions have decimated the passing game and turned a position of strength into a potential liabiliy.
Arnett? Gone. Dallas? On defense.
Where are all those dynamic freshmen receivers? Howard? Bowles? Croom? Blanc has beat them all out already? Great for him, but...
Add in the bad decisions and bad breaks at tight end (Clear and Downs) and this could get ugly.
Rivera better get healthy soon and Patterson better be the real deal.

Written on Columbia pitcher switches to Vanderbilt over UT:

More bad news. Tyler Smith the JUCO pitcher signed with the Rangers late this week for a $135,000 signing bonus. KNS must not be aware.
Pitching is gonna be the problem again next year.
The hole is deep. Real deep.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols look like tournament team:

Face it. The SEC is horrible but Tennessee benefits because it can play defense. I still don't think we're in without winning the tournament. Too many bad performances in December and nobody respects the SEC.

Written on John Adams: Recruiting reveals state of UT program :

I can't get excited about JUCOs. There's no guarantee they can hack it, even at UT. Patterson did allow Dooley to close with one positive and kept us in the Top 25 of most of the team rankings.
How do you not sign a single OL?
The running backs are a collection of parts. We need a superstar.
LB is a concern, obviously. Sunseri is off to a slow start for such a sterling recruiter. The OL coach from NC also didn't do us any good for this class.
A lot of Tennessee kids signed elsewhere. Is that a sign of poor evaluations? At least there are six new sets of eyes on the coaching staff.
Sorry. that's the way I see it.

Written on UT says Arnett can transfer, but there are limitations :

in response to Flabbergasted:

I agree. It's mean spirited to not allow him to transfer anywhere he can better himself. UT benefited from the Tyler Smith situation, as I recall. It would be a good PR move, too. Dooley, don't be an a-hole.

Predictable. Dooley just doesn't get it. He needs to man up.
One more year? He doesn't deserve it, especially if he keeps pulling boner moves like this.
I'm afraid it is not going to get better until UT is buying out his contract.
We all know it. Some just don't want to admit it.

Written on Signs of struggle there all along for Vols:

Better off not going to a bowl?
That says it all.
What about the 15 practices the team could use to get better, Coach?
Dooley is clueless. It's a terminal condition, just a question of how long we have to put up with this nonsense.

Written on How will the Vols fare against Vanderbilt?:

This team has folded. This coaching staff is in way over its collection of empty heads.
Time to think spring practice because there won't be any bowl practice.
Sure would be nice to at least be competitive this week.
I just don't think Dooley is able to put together a gameplan for anybody but non-SEC foe.
He's not ready for the big leagues.

Written on Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Kentucky share bowl path: vs. one another:

in response to Volunatic:

How many big wins does Franklin have?

The same number of big wins as Dooley - ZERO.
At least Vanderbilt is competitive and heading in a positive direction. You can't tell me Franklin has more talent to work with than this UT coaching staff. He only has a partial recruiting class to his credit. The rest of his players are leftovers who are learning to win.
I just don't think Dooley has "it." His cutesy media banter chaps me. He is not a bit funny. There is nothing funny about a losing Tennessee football program. He's lucky Kiffin didn't leave two days earlier or Bray and James probably would have signed somewhere else and skipped out on UT.
His coaches have no idea of how to adjust during a game, or they would have done so at least once.
Dooley has beaten nobody of significance as a head coach. I don't see that fact changing this year.

Written on Limited tickets remain for LSU-Tennessee :

Pitiful. We couldn't fill it up for Buffalo, either. Or just anybody else, for that matter... save Georgia.

Written on Receiver U wide open for business :

But where are the OLs, DLs and LBs???
Kiffin helped this class tremendously with the eight January enrollees and a handful of top prospects who stuck around. I'd hate to think of what would have happened had he bolted a week earlier and guys like James, Milton, Bray and Meline had a legit chance to look around.
But the WRs are certainly nice to have!

Written on Scroggins: 'Decision came down to, I'm going to USC':

Kiffin = Whiffin'
So Far At Least...
Better Days Are Ahead Though!
Can't blame Scroggins. The quarterback situation is favorable, but the offensive line and wide receiver depth charts are horrid.
Good luck to Jesse. He will be a star sooner or later.

Written on Seymour's Koeneman powers his way to LSU :

Koeneman is a winner, and always has been. He quietly does his job and is a team player. Obviously, he doesn't belong at Tennessee.
Funny how a lady caller on a sports talk show broke the news about Corral. Wilkerson was clueless, as usual.

Written on Gatlinburg-Pittman's Ogle to be preferred walk-on at Clemson:

Ogle can play and has a chance to develop into a solid quarterback with the right coaching.
Smart decision to avoid Tennessee by the local kid. Plus, his dad graduated from Clemson.

Written on Sawtelle transfers to Grand Valley State:

Grand Valley went 11-1 last year and played in the DII quarterfinals. Sawtelle will get to play immediately and the Lakers will almost definitely win more games this year than the Vols. I wish him luck.

Written on Fulmer award: Some fans hot, Kiffin not:

in response to Bryce4Heisman:

The last 4 coaches on that list ran 4 of the biggest programs into the ground Cooper-OSU, Robinson-USC, Carr-Michigan, and Fulmer-UT, so as you can see its a great award for Fulmer to be receiving.

Sorry Dude. You're wrong.
Carr beat Florida in the Citrus in his last game. Michigan went to bowls 33 straight years, including all of Carr's seasons. He didn't have a 2005 like Phillip, or a 2008. Carr had enough sense to hit the exit on his own terms.
The last highlight for Fulmer was 2001-02 in the Citrus when he beat Michigan with a team that should have been in the Rose Bowl, and sadly Phil is proud of that. The Wolverines have played in three Rose Bowls since 2001.
Rodriguez is the coach who ran Michigan into the ground last year, running off Mallett and losing to Toledo. Sad, too.

Written on Vols bring out the big bats, 17-3:

in response to Volunatic:

I'll take any good news I can get. Wilkerson will be talking about this game for the next few weeks whenever he they give him the cue to say something positive about Vol baseball.

You don't have to cue Wilkerson. He's been raving about how much improvement has been going on since opening day.
The guy wears me out with all his insignificant and trivial numbers and facts.
He must sleep with a cliche thesaurus under his pillow.
Forget about baseball for this year. And spare yourself the agony of listening to Wilkerson. Maybe the Smokies will trump the Vols this year on the FMs.

Written on ETSU slams Vols, 9-3 :

Pathetic also works.
The only thing worse than seeing these guys get whipped in person is listening to Wilkerson on a long drive home.
Wilkerson makes you feel like you're playing trivial pursuit - all numbers and no life.
Who cares if a guy wears number 33 and hits from the left side and is a sophomore from Walla Walla and knocked in his 12th run with his fifth double of the season in the third.
Wilkerson actually talked this team up all winter.
I'll take Chip Kain any day.

Written on WR Kelly 'to roll with the Tide':

Michigan has snagged Stokes. He's the big target we need at Tennessee. Brown is heading for Georgia.
The Wolverines have put together a HUGE class, even without the two defensive tackles that we (UT) got visits from and could not land. Texas Tech and Arkansas over Tennessee. Orgeron must not be that persuasive...
This is not a good day...

Written on Not good news for UT's recruiting weekend:

Lots of reason to worry.
1. There's not much success to build on (no BCS appearances since the 1999 season, 0-for-9 years)
2. No bowl game at all in two of the last four years. Even the Peach or Cotton looks good now. We'll be lucky to make it to the Papa Johns in Birmingham next year.
3. No tradition left on the Hill. Not one of these coaches gave a phooey about Tennessee until he signed an inflated contract in the last two months.
4. More quality recruits abandoning their pledge than commiting. After signing pitiful recruiting classes in two of the last three years, another one will be only perpetuate the problem.
The only recruits who are looking at UT now are looking for playing time. They don't have any idea about Big Orange tradition.
We must remain hopeful. But I'm not confident or pleased.

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