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Listen up Peckerwood, when you have two freshmen QBs, an effort is usually made to red-shirt one, thus staggering their classes. Mo Couch is playing the three technique with McCullers and is not battling anyone for the NT job. The other players there are Saulsberry and O'Brien.

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in response to 865fan:

How sad that some of my fellow Vol fans seem to take pleasure in the fact that Vandy now officially has a few thugs, like all the other college football programs. Good for these fans for showing up and supporting the team. The bad apples do not represent everyone else. God knows UT has had more than it's share of problem athletes. I am glad all our fans didn't quit on our team every time one of our players did something wrong. Yes, this situation is worse than most, but it was certainly not in any way the result of behavior by the coaches or other players. Therefore the coaches and other players should still have the support of the administration and fans.
I will cheer against Vandy when we play them, but I will cheer for all those good kids who play for them when it comes to the game of life.
I think the coach and school dealt with this correctly and quickly. Really don't see how they could have done anything better in dealing with it. I hope UT would have done the same, and I think we would have. I would then hope our fans would have turned out for a team rally like these fans did.

I'm sure that the young woman who was the victim of this attack by savages would be comforted by your post and the 5000 that showed up to support Chrome Dome and his corrupt program. Had she not been brutalized, she probably would have made it 5001 at the function.

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Ole Johnny ole, just couldn't resist throwing in that little comment about 2011 could you ole Johnny. I agree with one of the posters above, this is the last time I click on ole Johnny's drivel.

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ole Johnny boy doing what he can to create a QB controversy even before the season starts. I heard your questions yesterday ole Johnny ole buddy. Quite clear who YOU think the QB should be. Thank goodness you have no clout with UT or the football staff. You want Dobbs, a player that wasn't even offered by either one of his in-state schools, Georgia or Georgia Tech. You and your cronies are pathetic.

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Five Players to Watch
Riyahd Jones-- Corner has been a weak spot. Can the juco transfer shore up one side of the field with man coverage skills?
Woody Quinn-- Big athletic juco transfer is playing a position that Jones and Bajakian like to feature in their offense.
Marlin Lane-- He averaged a full yard more per carry than Neal last season, is healthy and will challenge for the starting job.
Dontavius Sapp-- Is the former safety a late bloomer at linebacker. He looked very good in the spring and may be the biggest surprise on the football team.
Alton "Pig" Howard-- Could be the playmaker in waiting that the offense is looking for this fall. he has trimmed down, firmed up and could be explosive in the open field.
Marquez North-- How long will it take for the freshman to adapt to both the speed and physicality of the college game? Has all the tools to be a big time receiver.

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247 rating is too low. Wilcox and Sirmon came all the way from Washington to try and recruit Gaulden. Coach Elder was recruiting him hard when staff was still at Cincy.

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Let the kids in free. Their tuition just win up again this year, cut them some slack. They will show up in much bigger numbers!

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Not worried about QB at all. Cornerback is the position that is really a huge question mark. Team has plenty of receivers with talent, they will come along when the season starts.

Written on Tennessee football takes another hit in NCAA academic rate, could face serious penalties without improvement:

Thanks for another scintillating piece of work Woodpecker. What ever would we do without you digging around like a whittle ground hog for all this information. You have a well earned history of being a whittle bitty trouble maker. Go back to Gumpland.

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Hey Wags, haven't seen you around for a while. Regarding the defense, without really checking I don't think many are still here that were there in 2011. The whole secondary has changed, half the LBs, half the DL. Of those 7-8 NFLers, 5 or 6 are on the OL whose claim to fame was allowing few sacks, not record yards rushing. Say what you will about Bray/Hunter/CP, they put up numbers. With those guys gone, what remains are unknowns, could be greats, could be mediocres. Malzahn has a NC ring proving he knows how to work the game at an SEC level. And no, you can't imagine. You are fairly limited by your own blindness.

Woe is us right? Ha, ha, the two tailbacks, Neal and Lane, combined to rush for 1366 yards last season. Had that been one individual, it would have been in or close to the top five in the SEC. As far as the defense goes, I'd rather have McCullers, Couch and Hood than the tackles in 2011, remember one of the guys in the rotation that year is now a back up tight end. Defense also returns the SEC's leading interceptor from last season, Byron Moore and a first team Freshman All-SEC safety in Randolph. However, I will say that you are not nearly as uninformed as a couple of the "geniuses" in this thread!
Hey 4 win man, got any cash you'd like to put along side that brilliant prediction?

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in response to CoverOrange:

I was going to guess Malzahn just because I don't think he has as empty a cupboard as Jones or the rest plus Malzahn has been known to work wonders on offense. However, their schedule is pretty equal to UTs (no Oregon but no Kentucky either) but they have 8 games at home, 5 of their first 6. I see them starting out hot but could end with 3 or 4 straight losses. Stoops has to build from scratch. Bielema has to learn to work with Chaney. All just a guess.

Ha, ha, losing a QB that never beat a good team and two wide recievers does not compute to an empty cupboard. Tennessee has veteran linemen on both sides of the football and basically the same defense that was No. 28 in the nation in total defense in 2011. But of course, the "Debbie Downer Syndrome" is rampant these days. There are at least seven or eight NFL draft choices on this team just in the senior class plus Tiny Richardson and AJ Johnson. Man, I can image what this dude is gonna say about this time next year when all the seniors are gone.

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In a recent interview with the Sports Animal, Lady Vols basketball coach Holly Warlick said she will have considerable input in hiring Mason’s replacement, adding, “We have to get in better shape. We have to get basketball specific.”


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Anybody got Scotty Hopson's phone number over across the Pond in case Jarnell declares? Shirley he is smart enought to see that he should come back for one more year of seasoning.

Written on With big hits looming via graduation, Tennessee on the prowl for linemen to sign in 2014:

Haw, haw, you just gotta love guys like this moron DC82 above and of course, Woodpecker, who made the net recently with his previous slinking around down in Alabama. Thanks for letting us know that there aren't any d-linemen committed yet there Woodpecker. We couldn't have figured that one out without your keen insight.

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Well that makes it unanimous then because my nerves are shot when she is in the game, hogging the ball and throwing up ridiculous, low percentage shots. Have not forgotten they took her instead of Chassidy Fussell from Obion County. All she has done is average 15 points per game for her career at texas and been an All-big 12 player for two years. Lady Vol program will be better when Simmons is outta there.

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84, what a great, classic, negatron post. You da man. Worley, Gatorade National player of the year, Peterman, No. 1 QB prospect in Florida in 2011. The two running backs, Lane and Neal, combined for 1366 yards last year. Did I say you are a doltz?
Defensive line, Vols have best nose tackle in the SEC and Smith and Williams will benefit greatly from going back to 4-3 front. Please find another hobby. Your absolute negativity is really tedious and boring.

Written on Which 2013 signee has the best chance to make an immediate impact?:

Who is the braineac who posted Dobbs. Dobbs will most likely red-shirt this fall. But what a great post! And this poll, really, of the guys listed is there any doubt it's North. Carr will be a backup and get his toes in the water but no way he starts ahead of the veterans. Some of you need a football 1101 beginners class. Will add that Quinn is an interesting prospect.

Written on How do you feel about the 2013 football recruiting class so far?:

Hey born2ride,
If a frog had wings he wouldn't bust his arse everytime he hopped.
This staff has worked their tails off. They came in behind the eight ball. Almost every kid they have offered had longtime relationships with other schools and coaches. Some of the people that post their cute, snippy comments are real fans now aren't they?
A fair judgment of this staff as recruiters can't be made until signing day 2014. Until then it would be nice if some of you jerks would back off and give these men a fair chance.

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Wow, who is this azzclown writing all the manifestoes here? Hey Bozo, your powerful friend, does that mean he can pick up the front end of a VW Beetle? Your rambling posts do have some comedic value but other than that, don't you have some paint you can go watch dry? I for one am sick of negatrons like you and would prefer that you go stalk politicans rather than football coaches. Just a thought!

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Same old result as last year for WarLICK. Another butt kicking in the back of the pants suit! Job was handed to her on a silver platter. How long will it take before Kellie Jolly or Caldwell is called home?

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Hey Adams, ever thought about running for mayor of Munchkinville? Tee Martin will never be a head coach anywhere, much less Tennessee. And his loyality to guys he's ben around less than a year, give me a break. What about those two children he fathered in Knoxville who were crushed after believing that their father was going to return to Knoxville and they could see him on a regular basis? Wish him luck, he gave Vols one good year and tht will always be appreciated. Otherwise, many of us are relieved and glad it's over.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

in response to HuntsvilleVol:

Nothing personal. He made a commitment and its admirable of him to honor it, unlike his boss.

Nothing personal, but I wonder how those two kids that he fathered in Knoxville and who were hoping that their Dad would now be here with them, how ya reckon they feel about right now? A commitment to those kids would have shown much more character than an excuse about commitment to guys he's only been around for one year.

Written on Media commentary on Butch Jones hire:

Not many educated opinions above from so called media. How long has Woodpecker been in town anyway, three, four months? Climer the poarch monkey, he is boring and predictable. Ha, ha, the press does a story on the press reactions. Classic. They talk to themselves a lot don't they?

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in response to Henley-Street-Bridge:

No Better than Coach Dooley, in fact, probably not as good. Big opportunity to bring Fulmer back to the VOLS is over for the last time.

Way to go HART (A Hart F...)

Ha, ha,ha, bring back Big Pappa Plump!! Classic! There are some people who seek to wallow in negative thought and who seek the negative before the negative has happened. Butch Jones is one of the top young coaches in the country. From the Cradle of Coaches, the MAC. Had a better record there than both urban meyer and Brian Kelly. Give it a rest Negatrons! UT football program doesn't need you.

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Ha, ha, yes, bring back Chubby Checkerboard. He has experience running the program into the ground. TWo friggin SEC titles in 16 years. Ha, ha, Shirley you jest! This is really bizarre and absurd also. The Duke of Doughnuts ain't comin back.

Written on John Adams: Even though it won't be Jon Gruden, the new coach will win over UT fans at media conference :

If it's not a WOW hire, not all of us will be on board. Hire Charlie Strong and some of us will not be laughing, happy or satisfied. Somewhre between 90=95 percent of Vol fans want Gruden. Your feeble attempts at humor are, well, humorless.

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Woodpecker, you are once again clueless. It's entertaining to see some of you pencil necked little geeks twist in the wind. BTW, what score was it you predicted for the UT-Ky. Game?

Written on UT's offseason off to troubled start with Downs' arrest:

OMG, Woodpecker is all over this story isn't he? I don't blame Downs for wanting to flush this season out of his system. Oh, btw, what was that score you predicted for Saturday's game again there Woodpecker?

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in response to jt45:

Oliver should have been playing all year, he looked pretty good yesterday, certainly better than what we saw from many others this season. I know he had some injury issues for a couple of seasons, but some rumors suggest Dooley might have ignored this young mans talent on purpose.
He was supposed to be a good catch out of high school, too bad his career never got a chance here. I wish him the best of luck and enjoyed watching him do his job yesterday at a cold Neyland Stadium.

Naz Oliver is a red-shirt junior, he has another season to play at UT. Who told you he was a senior,Woodpecker? BTW, do you recall that Woodpecker picked Kensucky to win the game yesterday?

Written on Naz Oliver makes debut for Tennessee :

Hey boys, ya'll forgot about Evan Woodpecker's prediction yesterday! Again, what sports did you play in high school there Woodpecker? Got any hot stock tips for us today? If you ever are fired from guessing at sports, maybe you could get a job with the LA Psychic Hotline!

Written on Evan Woodbery: Tennessee has matchup edge, but coaching distraction gives edge to Kentucky :

Woodpecker is starting to remind me of that other peckerwood, that is, thankfully, gone now, Mike Griffyboy Griffin!

Written on Evan Woodbery: Tennessee has matchup edge, but coaching distraction gives edge to Kentucky :

Ha, ha, that's funny there Woodpecker. Hey,here's a little advise, don't ever try to start a career as a football handicapper. BTW, what sports did you play in high school?
BTW, Avery Williamson is from Milan Tennessee. He got no attention from the Duke of Doughnuts and Lame Kitten. He once had 23 tackles in a playoff game vs. Alcoa. Think UT could have used him this year?
Tennessee 40 Kensucky 20.

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How about a familiar name to replace you Adams, how about Marvin West! Cutcliffe is too old, can't recruit and is a silly option. Also, it's sickening to see That punk James Franklin's name even mentioned here. Why don't you give it a rest until Hart makes the call?

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

Saw a post above, I could care less what Petofilerino has done in his personal life. An Obama voter for sure, that's why the country is headed down the toilet. Hey bozo, would you let your daughter play volleyball at UT if that scumbag was the coach?
And then there is the idiotic, manical Cutcliffe Beef Chavez post!!! Hey brudda, did you happen to see the end of the Bama, LSU game when third and Chavis reared it's ugly head once more. Cutcliffe recruiting as head coach, laughable. Some of these people are absolutely hilarious.

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What a football wizard you are! You are one of those lame brains who obviously want to keep the program in a constant state of flux, coaches coming, coaches going, strength coaches coming and going, recruiting disrupted and quality assistants afraid to come because of the gypsey mentality of fans such as this brilliant individual. But keep taling, LSU and other teams have two staffers working the net daily looking for stuff to use against the Vols in recruiting.

Written on Vols believe they still have plenty of incentive:

Dooley has not had three years. He has been in Knoxville exactly 2 years, 9 and 1/2 months. Yeah, let's hire the Duke of Doughnuts back, that's the ticket. This program has some really sorry fans. This team can still have an eight win season, send the kids into winter workouts in a great frame of mind and the staff might be able to salavage recruiting despite UT fans who are no more than pawns for teams recruiting against the Vols.

Written on Jim Chaney laughs off notion that Tyler Bray didn't watch Florida film:

I hope a lot of you negs and bashers are gone sooner rather than later. Out to hurt the recruiting again I see. Remember Otha Peters and the Arkansas internet snoops? You probably don't care now do you? Coach Dooley ain't going anywhere and your bashing means nothing.

Written on 'Old man' football? Missouri decides defensive tackle has said enough about Georgia, SEC :

Alabama, ha ha, ha, they will have trouble beating Vanderbilt.

Written on N.C. State's talented secondary makes losing Da'Rick Rogers more daunting for Tennessee :

Ha, ha, what a bunch of negatrons in this thread. Hey Woody, what sport did you play in high school, chess club I bet.
19 of their 27 inteceptions came against the likes of Liberty University, South Alabama, Central Michigan, and a couple more no talent offenses. Their "great" secondary was 61st in the nation last year in pass defense, allowing 224 yards per game. Ha, ha, whine and moan, negs, whine and moan. Oh yeah, and that O'Brien he's great alright, 17-22 in the mighty ACC after five years.

Written on Documents show Derek Dooley was unhappy with VFL program under Andre Lott:

Thanks for more muck raking by the drive by media. Obviously the guy wasn't let go because he was doing a terrific job with Dumbrick!

Written on Davante Bourque's father says running back will enroll in community college :

Promises, he wasn't in Knoxville long enough to steal a laptop, much less have promises broken. Did he think he was going to be first team at TB when he walked on campus? Hey here's an idea for Landry and Bourque, get a job and support your child and baby mammy.

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Who is the bigger crybaby, Adams or that self centered little jerk, Wes Rucker. Get over yourselves, you clowns are the worst college media in the nation and you have earned that richly deserved distinction. What't the matter, beating you to the punch too much.

Written on John Adams: History says N.C. State is a must-win game:

Yawn, ZZZZZZZ, yawn again, a must win against a mediocre ACC team whose coach has a losing record in that conference after five years at the school. Underwhelming. Tennessee 38, NCST. 10.

Written on Former Florida State coach says Dave Hart was bully to women :

Beautiful, Quinn the Eskimo, just another twerp with a keyboard. But on the bright side boy, you fit right in with the worst college media in the conuntry. How's uncle Jimma HiYams today? This piece was totally unneccesary. did you get collaboration from anyone else at FSU. No. didn't thing so. Another pathetic loser added to the roster of the sorry excuse for media.

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Downs would have played more tight end this year than Clear anyway. Downs has much potential at 6-5 1/2, 255, 4.65. Tennesse has kickers, someone will step up during practice this month. Bray threw some beer bottles, big whoop.

Written on Would you turn a rival school in to the NCAA if you had incriminating information?:

Would love to narc out Boy Kiffin and Special Ed. Ax the UCLA folks if they would turn in a rival school! LOL

Written on Opening opponent already has UT's attention:

Hey Adams, have you checked their roster losses from last season? Three senior receivers including one that was the all-time ACC record holder in kick return yardage. An All-ACC tight end is gone. All three starting linebackers are gone. Quarterback is a statue, not very mobile at all. They lost some linemen too. Vols win by 17-20 points!

Written on John Adams: Swing games could decide UT's season :

Nice work, lazy, but nice. NC State lost three starting linebackers, defensive tackles and three senior wide receivers. Ever heard of doing a little reserch there Johnny? Result, not a swing game, easy Tennessee win.
Missouri's pass defense was 94th in the nation last year, ever do any research there Johnny? And that was before they lost two senior defensive tackles and a senior defensive end. Can you say no pass rush?
Lazy sports writers are a dime a dozen these days.

Written on Lady Vols' WCWS problems began with first inning:

One of the great and most idiotic statements in the history of this site, home runs don't make a difference. Haw, haw, what about gap shots and line drives down the foul lines? One shouldn't comment about softball if one has no clue. Anemic offense, no lock down pitcher who can shutout the other team equals two and out at the WS. Too many weak hitters in the lineup and slap happy Ralph is not much punkin as an offensive coach.