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what a fun week!

the vols have played 2 of their best games of the year.

bruce gets a job where we can watch him do his thing (and remove him as a distraction in Knoxville).

cuonzo has the job security he deserves.

our players are exhibiting maturity and confidence.

the lady vols seem to have a nice path to an elite eight matchup with Louisville (revenge motivation, just like mercer).

it's about time, vol fans!

Excellent points. Agree 100%

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I wonder if Mike Slive will treat Kiffin any better now that Kiffin is wearing the crimson. I say move the SEC headquarters to a neutral location outside of Alabama! North Korea would be a good spot for Slive and the rest of that outfit.

He can share a room with Rodman!!

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Good luck Tim. Congrats on earning this new opportunity.

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The offensive scheme sucks. Free throw shooting sucks. Real passion not there! Oh wait, that is the problem from the coaching staff. Hope the players wise up. They need to do it on their own, unfortunately.

Bingo!!! Well said.

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They were pathetic!!! The ole cliche, "Big hat, no cattle" definitely applies to these guys. Big names, no wins.

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Pathetic second half. This team lost all composure and gave the game away. They are like the other teams on campus except for the Lady Vols BB, they find a way to lose and lose ugly.
Hubbs is obviously not a 5*.
Just like football this team makes the dumbest mistakes at the absolutely worst times. The inability to shoot free throws and make layups will doom this team again this year.
Not sure they can even make the NIT. Sad!

My thoughts EXACTLY!!! Hoping for at least a six and six football season, thus a small Bowl game--didn't happen. Then hoping for chance to go to Big Dance in March--not going to happen, probably not NIT. Missed free throws and strong lay ups,,,,pathetic!!!

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Congratulations Tiny on making it to this point in your young life, pursuing a career in the NFL. I cannot imagine the blood, sweat and tears you went through to earn this opportunity--so much self-discipline and commitment. You are, and always will be, a Vol for Life.

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Disappointing loss. Missed free throws a joke.

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I'm not real sure why all the panic has ensued.... Butch said on Day one that our biggest problem was lack of speed and athleticism, especially on defense. Oregon and Missouri just put that on display much more than Georgia or SC because of the offense they run. Western Kentucky and South Alabama looked good at times too with the same offensive strategy. It's no secret: our defensive line is slow and without depth, our LB's are not athletic enough to make plays in space, and our secondary is just too young and too banged up to handle a well-executed passing game like Bama, Oregon, Georgia, and Missouri run. Most pundits predicted our record to be 5-7 and we all thought that was silly. However, they are pundits for a reason and as it turns out, 6-6 appears to be our glass ceiling unless we play our defensive game of the year next week.

But nobody should panic. Recruiting classes are fluid but those guys signed with Tennessee because they want, and were promised, immediate playing time. Nothing I've seen so far would change that if I were being recruited. In fact, just the opposite - all starting O- and D-linemen graduate or go pro, the LB corps lacks athleticism and is undermanned, and the secondary needs depth and maybe a new starter (ahem, Justin Coleman). Further, Hurd can't carry the ball every down next year and a nice JUCO receiver would be nice as well as some other options besides North and Howard, the only two we have that consistently block and catch. And Butch has proven he will start and play true freshmen at any position in any game. Like it or not, we can't even field an elite-SEC starting rotation, let alone a 2-deep and until Butch can fill out the talent, we won't be able to break out of 6 to 7 win seasons in this conference. It took mighty Bama nearly a decade to rebound from the Dubose debacle (I know, they lost scholarships but still...) so we shouldn't assume that in one or two years we will be back competing for SEC titles, it's just plain unrealistic. Let's just hope we make a bowl game and go on from there. I think Butch is the right guy at the right time but the job is a lot tougher than what Dooley or Kiffin had, mostly thanks to them....And sadly, we could lose half the 4-stars in this class and still have a better group than Dooley ever signed or than UT got to keep of Kiffin's boys. Wow... Go Vols!!!

Very upset with loss and the way they loss. This game was definitely a step backwards, even the penalties are coming back same as previous years. Just don't get!!! But what I wanted to address your outlook concerning recruits. If we get blown out by Auburn (which hopefully we won't, we'll be there), could this affect these recruits' commitments; they are verbal. I sure hope not, but seems like it could. GBO and CBJ

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Great news!! We definitely need him, and being a Juco prospect he should see immediate action--if ready for SEC football.

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I agree with Goober also and don't get what you're so upset about IndianOutlaw. This Report Card must've had one heck of a curve for such high grades. It was the past creeping back in--offensive line penalties, interceptions and giving up 3rd & long!! I'm all Vol and CBJ supporter but let's call a spade a spade.

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Class, class, class.

What an incredibly appropriate time for Coach Fulmer to return to a place that must have such radically mixed emotions for him now.

That is the Tennessee family.

Coach Fulmer lived it; Coach Jones has embraced it.

It's time for the rest of us to do the same. Come together - be mutually supportive & stand proud.

We ARE Tennessee !!

Excellent post! Thanks.

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Look at all this traffic and comments that KNS generated by making this a pay site. NOT!!!

I hope your advertisers are dropping as fast as the online traffic here did!

I also miss the "traffic" on the various aspects of Vol sports, and miss the comical ones also. You keep posting these worthless opinions that have nothing to do with topic. You must really enjoy cut and pasting. You're an idiot, and whether I agree or disagree with KNS, show me a company who doesn't charge for their services and I'll show you one in Bankruptcy. If you disagree with KNS, save your paste and scissors and go somewhere else. VFL, Wazzy

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I think the world of Devrin. Last year during the off week, we had our Knoxville ALS Walk. He, being a BHS graduate like myself many, many years ago, came up behind me in my Power Chair and said, "Mister E, I'm hear to support you". He also brought along Antoine Davis who had just finished Biggest Loser and had been hired by UT. Devrin stayed with me and our team the entire Walk. With pictures being snapped and autographs being given, I was so amazed to watch this young man--what a pleasure to be around, and what athleticism he has!! He sure made our day, and I continue to be a Blessed man. VFL, Wazzy

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Great job Lady Vols. We are so proud of you, and beating the Gators makes it even sweeter!!

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Twelve out of 14 teams get in, and we're in a "must-win" situation--pathetic!!! Football can't come soon enough, GBO.

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I love the O&W game, nothing better than Springtime in Vol country. I was diagnosed with an illness in Jan, '11, and have not been able to attend any games since. I will always be a Tennessee Vol. I am a blessed man, graduating from UT in '69, and bleeding Orange for a life time. Go Vols; CBJ is definitely exciting to watch, recruiting is impressive. Wazzy

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I think they can do it. Tough loss at Ky but will correct turnovers (hopefully). Good luck LV's and Holly. Glad to hear the announcers giving Holly her well-deserved props. GBO

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Thank you both above to help me understand the difference, ref: walk on's.

Written on John Adams: The next recruiting class for Butch Jones is crucial, and the clock is ticking :

Would someone please explain to me what's the difference between a "walk on" and "preferred walk on". Thank you & GBO

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The only thing consistent about this team are turnovers. I'm a half-full type guy but this team doesn't even own a glass; they're a joke!! Ok, yes I'm frustrated. I bet the Lady Vols would kick their rears, and make their free throws! GBO, Wazzy

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I enjoyed the article JA. Gives us some hope.

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Per Army: shoot, move, communicate.

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This is great news during a rough stretch. Congrats to you three for sticking with our program as walk-ons, all sweat and sincere dedication without the glory or scholarship. You've paid your dues and the Vol nation appreciates you. Thank you CBJ for recognizing their efforts.

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Who?? And why? Does he have local ties. GBO

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Congrats John. Nice to learn you volunteered for the Army. GBO

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I want to couch my post above: I'm not a flamer, not a troll, I'm a vol fan since the 1960's. I grew up on Condredge, Hacksaw, Kiner, and those guys.

Without a defense, we have a long, long, LONG ways to go.

I was right there with ya. Totally agree with your comment.

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Good news: they never gave up. Bad news: they were never in it.

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4 Words: Jimmy Cheek / Mike Hamilton

Exactly!! A simple answer (4 words) to my question. Wish I'd thought of that. With a stroke of their pens,,,,,and the rest is history! GBO

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I've followed the Big Orange since a Freshman in 1964. I have never seen the Vols in this bad of shape, across all sports. I am optimistic about Coach Jones and Coach Martin; time will tell. Just don't understand how we got ambushed in all areas, including baseball. GBO

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I wish CBJ would issue an accurate statement on status of Maymon, at this POINT in time. I saw his father's statement on here few days ago, "needing to get into shape, etc.". I just don't understand the hush-hush about his possible return. Many of my friends, including myself, have gone to "best of luck, get well soon", to "what the hell, wussy". And this frustration comes out cause we knw nothing!! I think we as fans need to know what to expect with his future role on team--we are the paying fans to cheer for our Vols, and should have a quesstimate for his return. Forget HIPPA laws, he can sign off and provide some input. Hope to see you soon on the floor ; love watching you play. Good luck Maymon, Wazzy

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I don't like Petrino or Tuberville. Petrino is a piece of garbage and Tuberville left those recruits at the restaurant dinner table and never came back--what a man!! I'm going with CBJ and his intensity, and no baggage. His success will be measured by W&L's on field where it should be, not in the unclaimed "baggage" area.

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Hope the excitement grows and have big turn out for O&W game. That will be our first good look at his schemes, and what new coaches put in place. Looking forward to see coaches he brings, followed by NSD. Then Spring game and Fall around the corner, but what a schedule. Good luck CBJ. I'm proud to be a VOL and ready for new beginning. VFL, Wazzy

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I'm excited with hire after watching Press Conf. I like his intensity and what he did at Cin. Welcome to Big Orange Country Coach Jones.

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That was the ugliest game I've ever watched. Hitting 3 for 11 from foul line is a joke. I'm disgusted with the showing tonight. Nothing more to say, horrible!!

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So???? Let's not make it a bigger deal than it is. One good kid got arrested at 19. The season is over, let the Judge and his parents deal with it. Getting loud and apparently cussing out loud was his demise. A dumb mistake by a good kid.

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I honestly don't understand where all the anger at John Adams comes from.

I also don't see how JA is creating controversy. He's just writing what everyone else is thinking: "Who is going to be UT's next coach?"

I don't like the idea of Jim Mora or Rodriguez, but cut the guy some slack. What's he supposed to write about? How pathetic the Defense is (we know this)? How Tyler Bray is NOT thinking about the NFL (Evan Woodberry has already written a hard hitting piece of journalism covering what Tyler Bray is not thinking about! Excellent!)? The current status of UT's multiple sexual discrimination lawsuits (yes, lets be more depressed!)? How Dave Hart has suddenly developed a fear of press conferences when he should be front and center? The tendencies of message board posters to bellyache when sports writers don't grovel and fawn all over their favorite sports team?

(actually...that one about Hart would make a good article)

You guys seriously need to chill out. Adams is simply writing about the possibilities for a new coach. How is he creating controversy?

Great post. I agree, what's a hot topic right now; not a lot other than CDD and his tenure and possible replacements. I think it's fun reading these "far out suggestions". Oh well, if you don't like his style, don't read it--save yourself some stress. Wazzy

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Things have sure changed. Last year we won in OT and this year Vandy's favored. I never recall us being the underdogs. It's really sad when Vandy is our big game, and chance for our first SEC victory. Last year I thought Coach Franklin was a joke, threatening to "get us" next year in Nashville. Now I have to admit he's earned my respect. VFL, Wazzy

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Worst coach in history of Tenn football. He didn't give the players a chance to win in regulation. Criminal what he's done to this program. Wazzy

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I think most of those hoping for worst want CDD gone, what other reason?? I'm unhappy with results, especially after I was so pumped after NCST game. But I will never hope for the worst for our Vols, let the chips fall where they may with coaches, or lack of. VFL, Wazzy

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Go Ole Miss!! Gotta love those Rebels with their traditions at the Grove. I'm all VOL but have great memories going over there,,,except when the banner flew over "Archie Who". It was a long ride home after that one. VFL Wazzy

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I remember when Tennessee used to get backs like Lattimore. I wonder what happened?

They started losing! But at least the offensive line has definitely improved, and remember the center Stone, what an improvement--no ground rolling snaps. Whatever happens, need to keep Jay Graham. Wazzy

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martin better get ready to eat more than humble pie...i just dont think he's a SEC calabar coach,he's got the talent but cant coach em...sorda like our football program

Wrong!! Our football program has stalled, even regressing, whereas our basketball team under Coach Martin has our team on the upswing. It's good, old fashion basketball, physical and disciplined players. Fun to watch; awesome to win. Wazzy

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Your quote "never get involved in a land war in Asia" should include "that politicians won't you win". Enough said. Go Vols, Wazzy

Should say "won't let you win". Beat Bama, I don't care what the odds are. Proud veteran and VFL, Wazzy

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There are two certainties. One is:"never get involved in a land war in Asia"
The other is "never bring a knife to a gunfight" I think you will be in a gunfight with Bama armed only with a knife. Be great if it was only for a half.
just sayin'

Your quote "never get involved in a land war in Asia" should include "that politicians won't you win". Enough said. Go Vols, Wazzy

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If it comes down to a choice between Dooley and Petrino, please don't bring Petrino in.

100 per cent agree. Dirt Bag!!!

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Fuel the Cuonzo fire

Exactly!! Might be looking at glass "half full" but I think this ranking, or lack of, will only help us. Wazzy

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Nick made that great one-on-tackle on Floyd Little of Syracuse to win the game, on one yard line. The picture was all over the Sports' Pages. I knew Nick at UT and we stayed in touch as he was a dentist in W Knoxville on Papermill. He married a local girl. He always had a smile with good stories from the days of great linebackers, Nick, Paul Naumoff, Steve Kiner, Frank Emanuel, Hacksaw Reynolds, etc. Fun times on The Hill. Wazzy

I forgot to say it was in Gator Bowl. We were starting our climb back up, followed the Bluebonnet Bowl. This is all on memory, Wazzy

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I know this has nothing to do with this article, but I thought something should have been on the sports pages about this.......We lost a good one this week, Defensive End and Monster Man from the 1967 Tennessee National Championship Team (and may I add a great Man also). Prayers go out to the family of Nick Showalter who left us to early at 65. RIP Nick, May God Bless!

Nick made that great one-on-tackle on Floyd Little of Syracuse to win the game, on one yard line. The picture was all over the Sports' Pages. I knew Nick at UT and we stayed in touch as he was a dentist in W Knoxville on Papermill. He married a local girl. He always had a smile with good stories from the days of great linebackers, Nick, Paul Naumoff, Steve Kiner, Frank Emanuel, Hacksaw Reynolds, etc. Fun times on The Hill. Wazzy

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in response to sameolvolalum:

Dear Vol fans (and not you trolls, obviously). Please click "Suggest removal" on the above JBvols1698, along with any and all troll trash destined to follow.

Dear KNS. Shame on you for allowing what was once a useful site for UT fans to become a playground for social misfits. Haven't you figured out that there's a very good reason many of us suspect you're complicit in at least a portion of this trash?

Dear Coach Dooley. Nobody's perfect, but I'm not the only UT Vol football fan who has confidence that you very well may turn this program around. I'm with you, Coach. VFL!

Great post, VFL, Wazzy