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And what is the reason for the running game coming out of the closet? Is it because we now have exceptional running backs? We do have an outstanding O line but we had that last year and our running game sucked. I hope our running game takes off but I will not predict such a thing until I see some explosive running backs taking over a game. I love to dream about what might be but the old saying is wish in one hand and phooey in the other and see which one fills up first. I don't know dude about our running game taking over the game...really? Maybe in a couple of year when the recruits come in...maybe.

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It looks like Jones has taken the lead from Saban and unloaded a potential problem with academics and torn ACL. I just don't see how after he was signed and now has qualified he was dumped, unless he did not qualify in time for the upcoming season. Anyway we can leave the criticism of Saban and gray shirts by the wayside. This is a dog eat dog game in the SEC and only the strong survive.

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I don't get it. I thought our athletic budget was not all that great. Since when does retiring mean I still get a check from my job like I used to? We all love Pat and we paid her very well for all the hard work she put in while building the Lady Vols to a national power. But seriously when you retire you retire and move on dude.

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There is somewhat of difference between playing corner back and playing quarterback in the nfl. The main difference is you are the most vital member of the team, you handle the ball on every snap, you must be putting in 80 hours a week in prep. A dope smoker just will not have the drive for this kind of responsibility or work schedule. Name one successful dope smoking QB? On top of all of the above you must set the tone for the rest of the team and a dope smoker only sets the tone for kicking back and smoking weed. Dope smokers are not wired for QB success when adversity comes as in big games they would prefer to sit on the bench with a towel over their head and smoke a big fat one. I wish Tyler success but he has a lot of maturing to do. I remember a QB drafted just after Peyton named Ryan Leaf(sp) who had issues similar to Tyler but who was much more successful in college than Bray who was a huge bust and is now serving time in prison. That is not to say Tyler is headed for prison by any means just maybe to Colorado. He is loaded with physical talent that is obvious it would be a wonderful story for him to turn everything around and be as good as he could be in the NFL. What happended to him in the draft is what should have happened to him. He does have a opportunity lets see if he can make the most of it.

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The league did their job and found out what Bray was doing while on the job at UT. Bray was a big time pot smoker and that was well known in and around the team. It was not hard for them to find that out. On top of that was his off field antics with the the jet sky, and the bottle throwing incidents. You couple that with a lackluster interest in game prep and poor leadership qualities, and getting down when he needed to be inspiring it all screamed do not draft this clown. If he had been dedicated while at UT we could have won more games for sure. It is the same for Da Rick as well a dope smoking immature know it all whose behavior cost him a lot of money and his teams a chance for victories. Both have a lot of talent but its not just about talent.

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I can't remember UT ever signing so many in-state prospects.
Randal Cobb is a VERY RARE player to come out of the state of Tennessee, I just hope for our sake these players are all legitimate prospects. Welcome aboard and good luck.

I agree that over the last 10-15 years it is rare for the very good players in the state to go to UT. We have had many who signed elsewhere and were stars. Golden Tate from Nashville went to ND. We had twins in Chattanooga who Fulmer did not recruit who went to Nebraska and both were all Big 12 and play in the NFL. I believe Alabama is constantly raiding our state and getting quality players (Donte Hightower and all the Jones). They got a highly rated player two years ago who plays DB and for several years the highest rated player goes elsewhere. Tennessee does not produce players in the numbers Fla. Alabama, Georgia, La, does but when you don't get those you do produce it hurts. IF they were able to keep the best they could field over half the team with home grown players. I know that is not going to happen but we do have players in Tennessee. Florida signed a QB last year and a top rated DB when to Fl or Fl State last year. LSU has gotten some talent out of Memphis. Just sayin.

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Good point..Fran Tarkenton and Norris Weese were both short, but played in the Super Bowl during the 70's. That QB at Seattle is short in stature as well. It can be done with the right attitude/ work ethic, and Charlie certainly seems to have those qualities.

You guys are very nice to Charlie but you all know they will never give him a shot. He will be running the turd herd in practice and will be a 4 year man in the shadows. He should have taken a shot at the schools who offered him. It makes for a feel good story but in reality he has no shot. Name the last walk on who became a starter at QB. I can not think of one maybe someone can. I watched him and he has some game but not SEC material. Someone mentioned Miss State, they signed a very good 6'3" QB out of Florida who is very impressive. I do wish Charlie well and I hope he has a street named after him on campus when it is all said and done, but we all know that will not happen. I just hope he does not regret spending 4 years riding the pine and role playing with the rest of the herd when he might have played and been very productive at a school that was a better fit and who really wanted him.

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The fact that our defense controlled our offense is indeed troubling. Since our "D" was rather bad last year and they are begining anew. The offense really has more problems than the "D" since we lost eveything in the realm of skill. On top of that we have a new system with new staff. It will be a project next year for sure but I feel pretty good about CBJ and I am going to give him the time and growing pains necessary to turn this thing around. We have your back coach. GBO

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Whatever it is let's wish the young man well and pray that he get's his life back on the right track. Everyone deserves another chance, everyone.

What did he do? I believe in second chances but I would need to know what the infraction was before I would say everyone deserves a second chance.

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Sold any snow cones lately?

Think puppy dogs, think saplings, think minnows, think tadpoles, think caterpillars...learn to swim in a large bird, most likely, will be stranded in a world of mediocrity from now until the Tennessee River drys. I can't believe you have never seen my cousin Eddy driving by your house. Do you ever open your blinds and look outside? Don't ever take up Poker, you would loose your whizzer waiting on a full house in order to raise the bid.

With a post like this one its pretty obvious who needs to get out some. You have been watching too much star trek and eating way too much ramon noodles dude. You need to take your medication like the doctor told you and go lay down until spring is over. Good luck tovolny I am sure your family could use a break from watching you. I just hope there are no firearms in the house that you have access to. You really have issues.

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Why do you even bother with sports? Some may look at your attitude as an antidote for over-achieving, others as an excuse for under-achieving. You are hoping and expecting us to look at your attitude as a sobering reminder that we have a "long-way-baby" to return to the SEC elite. Tomorrow is a day away from yesterday. I have the attitude that if each player would strive to be a "smidgen" better today than yesterday and prepare to be a smidgen better tomorrow than today, then growth cannot be deterred. 120 times one smidgen equals superiority...I guarantee it...math doesn't lie. I know you knit sweaters for a living and sell snow cones in summer, but did you ever wonder what you could have been had you put forth some effort and not chosen the path of least resistance?

That guy that drives the yellow Sky who lives just down the street from you also has a new Lexus, a 29-foot yacht on Watts Bar Lake, and a house and a 42-foot yacht in Destin, Florida. 3 years ago he was broke after spending more than he had caring for his elderly mother. Today, he doesn't owe anybody one red cent. Lucky for him, he doesn't have a defeated and whiz poor attitude.

I have never had a boat or even a canoe for that matter. I do know a man who has a boat and he even let me ride in it with him one time it was not 42 feet long though. I guess if you collect coke bottles a save your money one day you will be able to take a boat ride but you will not buy a yacht or buy a lexus. If you have an old mutt and you decide you are going to run him in a greyhound dog race and you are sure he can compete and win because he has tried each day to get better he can win. In theory that might be possible but we all know the old mutt will be left in the dust once the race begins. The power of positive thinking seems to be your sermon and there is somehing to be said for that. Usually though once the gun is fired talent, experience, coaching begins to show itself. I am just trying to balance the crazy expectations we see on here everyday. Just before last year our team the big orange according to many on here were going to turn the corner and the new 3/4 defense was going to be unbelieveable. Well we all know how that turned out. My point is let CBJ coach the team and stop the insanity about how good we are going to be next year. I guess being realistic is not permitted on here by you...huh it is reasoned to be a defeated and whiz poor attitude. Go figure.

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I have been saying for a long time our expctations for next year should be realistic. I have been called a troll because I don't stand on my tip toes and scream go big orange while waving an orange and white shaker like a mad man. The truth is we don't have play makers on the team. Some may be developed and I hope that will happen but we don't have names with high expectations. Our running back situation has been terrible for several years and we don't have any on campus or coming next year either. All our WR have either been kicked off the team or left for the NFL. Our QB are unproven and green in this new system. We have a defense that was the worst ever last year and now they will be taking on the task of learning a new system with less than stellar players. On top of that we have a totally new coaching staff. Any fan who thinks the prospects for a good year is possible is a nut job. Someone made the comment "we will be fine" what does that mean? I hope he means in 2-3 years we will be fine because for at least 1-2 we will struggle to replenish the ranks. Dooley left the locker room empty of talent. Give coach Jones the respect and time he requires before we think we will be back.

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Once again guys keep the bar where it belongs...pretty low. Completely new staff, overhaul both offense and defense, new QB, all new receivers and questionable at best RB's is a receipe for another bad year. Only the most pie in the sky fans could forsee a good year. Lets expect a big dud this year and we won't be disappointed. Shoot for the stars and you will be needing medication. This is going to be at least 2-3 year process to begin to turn this mess around. CDD left a bare cupboard and that is for real and when new comes in the old has to be swept out. Patience!

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He may have what it takes, but 22 you got to be kidding. He needs at least 5 more years of seasoning. Not yet young man...someone needs to pull back on the reigns a little he is not ready to run full tilt. Pat needs to help him with this and see that he makes the right decision.

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I doubt it really. I think his biggest hurdle is himself. His love of smoking weed and overall immaturity. Those two issues typically doom players from success and I think they kept Bray from being the leader of the Vols and contributed to the inconsistency he demonstrated as a player. In almost every big game Tyler was missing in action. He does not fight to the end, frequently being seen on the sidelines down in the dumps creating a loser image that swept over the team. He has talent no doubt but as mentioned before talent without the more important qualities never carry the day. I wish him well maybe in the right situation with a strong role model and a true personal change he could be a success. But I don't think that will happen.

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Where do they get these guys? I mean can we miss so completely on the character of this nut. Just because he can run fast or jump high or far should not be the only consideration on bringing someone on to campus and giving him a scholarship. These thugs are all over our campuses not just at UT but all over. It really is pathetic and a situation that should be addressed with a zero tolerance rule. Any arrest, any connection with dope should ban them from any participation in sports with an NCAA school. The exception could be minor traffic offenses. If the penalty was stiff maybe they would think before they act stupid. If they don't think we don't need them. I grew up and went to college and I never got arrested, never robbed someone or smoked dope or beat up my girlfriend or stole someones property...give me a break...oh yeah I never got drunk and fought with the police either. I really don't think I was so exceptional either, I think I was the normal student.

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I have been quick to caution the overly pie in the sky fans about not getting too crazy. This commitment is very important for the vols. With the number of former vols sons in the mix this year it could prove to be a big year. If the vols could get Bates and the Berry twins it would be a really solid base to build on. Keep up the work coach! GBO

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I am increasingly excited about where the program is going and where it can be in 3 years. The one thing, the only thing, I will give Kiffen is he seemed to understand UT tradition when he embraced Coach Majors. Obviously could not do that with Fulmer under the circumstances of his hiring. I am thrilled to hear that Coach Majors was at practice, was embraced by the former and current players, and that Coach Jones gets it, what it means to be UT. The Vol future can only thrive built on the tradition of the past. And CBJ does understand this basic truth. Damn it is good to be a Vol!

As they say pump your brakes, slow your roll germy we have only ha two practices in shorts and helmets. The first game is a long way off and don't poison the water in the well too soon for CBJ. Let him have his time to build the program. Some don't want to admit it or even consider it but the program is nowhere near where it was in the good ole days. We are short in almost every area with numbers and talent. I like what I am seeing from CBJ but everyone on here was throwing roses on CDD when he first arrived and we all know how that turned out. Pull back on the reins and keep it at a slow trot let this thing develop without any undue pressure there is already enough without ramping up expectations like "damn its good to be a vol" lets see how we feel in November. I know its good to be a vol I get it but it sure is better when we are winning. Just saying!

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As much as I hate to say it this is the new normal for the lady vols. The old days of being the big dog on the block and making it to the final four just because we were better than everyone else is over. We are one of 14 teams in the SEC (still in the top tier no doubt) and we will have to work to win every night and the big dance will not be easy. It was good while it lasted but it is over and it has been for several years.

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Why does sad news always bring the jerks out? I guess your life is so bad that only someone elses difficulties bring you any joy. Why don't you get a therapist and quit kicking people when they are down. Jeez.

Go back to sleep "Theo". Who rattled you cage anyway? I don't need a therapist unlike Chamigue who is pulling a gun on someone jeez and you are dogging me out you must be crazy dude. Is she down at this point, who knows maybe she is still free falling and has not hit bottom yet. Jeez! And I am not going to call you a jerk since I don't really even know you and I have not read any articles about your exploits unlike some others. But if you get mad and lose your temper with your signifcant other and you pull a gun on them and threaten to kill them, and its get in the news and on well Theo I will make a comment. That is what this site is for get over it.

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The math doesn't add up unless you are counting crystal balls being hoisted in Tuscaloosa. If you count those his checkbook is in perfect balance.From what I read it only matters how many you have on the roster when fall camp begins, so from signing until then its not an issue with the NCAA. With the thugs being signed by all the teams now days you will likely have several not be around when fall camp begins so it would be to your advantage to have a little margin. These scholys are for one year at a time anyway when the NFL calls they will go when they are able anyway many don't bleed crimson or orange like the fans do its a business decision they say. I personally don't see a problem maybe CBJ will look at this tactic and it could help us. GBO!

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I don't see a win against any of those teams. To think they will win would be to dismiss or ignore all the obvious things that UT has and the others have. They all have experience QB's with momentum coming off last year. We don't have anything going for us except being fired up before the game. New staff, new QB, new offense, new defense, new special teams coaches. Man you are the kind of fan that CBJ has to cringe about. The fan who lives in the clouds and expects to be in the hunt for the SEC east in his first year. Let's face it guys we have got at least two more years of hard times and thats best case scenerio. Lets give him time and don't expect the moon too soon that is just plain dumb. Wake up dude.

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When this first happened and was reported I was taken aback! Our little Chamigue the role model who raced up and down Thompson Boling to the cheers of the orange and white faithful was arrested for doing these awful things. I wanted to not believe it, how could it be true? Then I continued to read the rest of the report and I find she perpetrated this act on her "girlfriend", did I read this could it be...please tell me I am dreaming...wake me up! Chamigue had a girlfriend, she was a lesbian, no no no, don't tell me, but alas it is true. As it turns out Chamigue has a very, very, very bad temper, she carries a gun and has a girlfriend, wow total shock really. She must have been tormented while a lady vol having to suppress all those anger issues and her lifestyle and all. Good luck Chamigue you will always be our vol for life number one player. GBO

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Good point, the sky isn't falling..Heck, last year UT lost 8 assistants and everyone was okay with it..

And this year we lost everyone of them and some people are ok with that. I had to point that out, really losing JG is not that big of a deal, its more symbolic than substantitive. He did nothing earth shattering at Tennesee. We have not recruited a bigtime RB and our RB's on campus were just so so last year. I hope we can make a good hire whether a former Vol or not. We need a good recruiter for the SEC probably more than anything. Good luck to Jay Graham and lets not kid ourselves Fl. State is a much better program than UT at the present time and if you are looking for prospects for the near future it looks much brighter as well. If you don't see that you are delusional. Don't call me a troll I am just stating the truth and I am a vol fan for sure, just see things for what they are and can call it like it is! We should not get bogged down with wanting all/some of our coaches to be former Tennessee Men. How many former Alabama men are on the Tides staff? That is non starter in todays world. These recruits don't care if the coaches used to play at the school. Let's move on from that kind of reasoning. Just dumb.

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Can we please stop with the VFL stuff?

This is big business and loyalty goes as far as the pile of money you can throw at someone.

Plus the whole "VFL" thing was started by Dooley and that just adds a tinge of BS to it...

And really, for all the talk of how great a recruiter Graham was, two cycles at UT and he whiffed on every big time RB he want after right?

This team going into next year has bigger problems than losing was going to be a tough year regardless

You better watch out with these kind of comments, you will be labeled a troll or be put on troll alert. I know cause it happened to me every time someone makes comments that can be deemed somewhat negative you are automatically a troll. It really is sad when the truth cannot be discussed without being called a troll. Just warning you.

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Just to spite Adam's, nothing more. I don't believe that every kid swmoking pot is the anti-Christ though..

How about a pot smokin gun carrying bad character. Nobody mentioned the anti-Christ, but would you also want to bring in Maurice Claret if he had some elgibility left? He could have made a change or whatever and deserves a second chance. Would you want to drop that virus in the program and hope that it does not spread and destroy the foundation you are building. It appears that Auburn took the course you are suggesting and while they did win a championship it destroyed the foundation of the program that Chizik tried to build. Two years removed from the championship the program sank like the Titanic and from all we read it was because of no discipline. Bad character destroys your base and ultimately your program. I say give him time to do it the right way, don't cut corners establish a strong foundation set on solid hard rock decisions. Don't roll the dice on proven problem children. Don't sell our soul (so to speak) to the devil for a few quick fix wins. Don't kid yourself about a little pot smoking either that is a red flag for short sighted immature decision makers. Da'Rick, Janzen, etc. these guys can kill a locker room and you lose control of the program. Support doing this the right way, don't settle for cutting corners support CBJ and our high character players who stay out of trouble not the thugs. Tyler Bray was a problem the entire time he was in Knoxville. Sure he had talent but in the end we lost our butts while he was our QB. Only one bowl game in three years and it was a loss. In the end what was gained by putting up with his crazy behavior...not much really. In three years the only win of much fanfare was over NC State. Every big game we lost and usually by some crazy bad play or dumb decision by the coaches. No dice rolling, recruit good players who are good it the right way!

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After that article I hope UT gives Dyer a chance. If they can get at least a year out of him the 2014 class will yield an even better RB. I'm not supporting thug ball, it's more like opposing Adam's and his slanted opinion. No one ever made a mistake and turned their life around, according to Adam's anyway.

This would be a big mistake for the new ooach. Bring in a proven bad character to take a shot at helping you win. What does that say about you and your plan, I say it speaks volumes. Why is Adams writing this story, thats easy the chatter on the net is pretty heavy about Dyer and where he might go and of course UT has been mentioned. Adams and a slanted opinion...its seems pretty obvious taking a guy like this would be a mistake to anyone how is that slanted? The way to build a program is to bring in good players who are quality and coach them up. Bringing in proven bad character guys sends a message to the recruits and their parents and would not help you as you are sitting in their livingrooms. You say you are not supporting thug ball but you then say bring on a proven dope smoking gun (twice) carrying thug to be inserted into a new program. Wow!

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i say the incoming WR. north. we're already good at QB with 2 good/great ones. and defensively we're straight, and it's hard for a new defensive player to come in and get enough playing time to make more of a difference than the players already in place. that, and we're losing 2 stud WRs, and also another WR to graduation, so...

go vols!


Lets see, we are already good at QB...really! What makes you say that? Defensively we are straight, you have got to be kidding. Our defense was horrible last year especially our DBs were less than good and that is being kind. On top of all this you bring in a new staff on offense and defense. This is the kind of pie in the sky expectations that make me sick. Two good/great QB's which two are you talking about? Let this thing begin with the spring and see who steps up. We are unproven on offense and defense to say the least. We do have some good OL players returning and that is a good place to start but no RB no proven QB or WR is not good. The defense has experience but no real success to speak of. We have a couple of good LB but the back end is weak. Dude we have a lot of work!

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Dyer was run off from ASU this past year... nothing indicating turn around there. Crowell played this past year at Alabama AM (I think) I don't believe he would transfer up and have to sit out a year. Newton went to JUCO and gave indications he had made efforts to do right. Both these others are dopers pot smokers are going to smoke pot thats the way it is. My hope for the future would be slammed if CBJ sells out to a quick fix that will more likely hurt than help.

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That could happen, and if those guys can behave they would play some inspired fb for UT.

How counter productive would that be? Bring in two known thugs to contaminate your fresh start. What will it look like to the players that you are bringing in two dope tells them what you are willing to do to win. Terrible idea for sure and winning with bad characters will destroy your program. Look at Auburn and what happened there. Horrible...I can't believe it would even be considered.

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I learned one thing on these boards when I first started to post. If you post anything negative or something that could be viewed as negative about UT and you claim to be a Vol fan you will be called a troll. So...all things UT should be spun to a positive view as difficult as that might be. You must deny in the face of the obvious that what you are seeing is in fact real. I have stated form sometime that our UT football program is lost in the weeds and will be lost for years to come. I agree that only victories will change that. I agree also that if a bigtime coach hire could have been made similar to Nick Saban at Alabama it could have flipped the script immediately, but that was not to be. Having said that we must stop all the mindless shaker waving and rockytop singing and ole smoky howling. Look at the program with clear unbiased eyes and state the truth. End the predictible yada yada yada about winning unwinnable games next year etc. Face the facts it will take a lot of hard work, patient fans who support CBJ and give him the time to rebuild our once proud and successful program. Given the time and support it is possible to be a player once again in the East. Please stop the unrealistic comments about this class and face the fact that it is was very weak for an SEC school. We still don't have a RB who is capable of doing what needs to be done. That one issue should be a clue as to the problems that face CBJ and his staff in luring players to the hill. The reputation of UT has fallen so low over the last 7 years that the recruits don't remember UT as a relevant program. They are viewed as a cellar dweller that plays no part in the SEC. They are viewed on the same level as Kentucky nowhere near Vandy at the present time as Vandy is on the rise. WE WILL BE BACK but when it will happen seems to be a hard one to predict.

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I agree..The top 20 is looking way better than the top 50 which is exactly where UT was two weeks ago..if that's not great recruiting, I don't know what is. No team gained that much ground after falling so far down the ladder..CBJ and staff should be commended.

I agree, this class is really better than we could have ever expected. CBJ was in a hole to begin with and he made the best out of the situation. The RB we signed could turn out to be a diamond in the rough. I know he is not very big maybe the size of Devrin Young or a little bigger. He is from SC and we have had good kids from SC before so he could be a big help this coming year. The Dobbs kid looks pretty impressive and the WR from NC was pretty impressive. All in all I view this as lighting the fuse so to speak the CBJ era has begun and we will see the results come this spring...can't wait. Stellar would be my assessment. GBO!

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I think the team needs to get back to the maxims that the "General" layed out many years ago. Our orange clad vols have been detoured down a rocky dusty road for the last few years and have been searching for their mojo for sure. The decisions made by those in charge created a losing situation that has gone from bad to worse. CBJ and his staff do have a tough nut to crack but with hard work and following the basics of the "General" they can begin to be relevant once again. The key will be recruiting and making good decisions about which players to target. We have signed a bunch of players who have washed out, quit, got into trouble with the law, had terrible character issues etc. All the schools could say the same about their recruits but ours have been more harmful to our success. When your short on talent to begin with and your big stars wash out it kills you. We have not had a big time recruit at running back since Bryce Brown and he was not in Kville for a hot minute and so was Oku. Bray had all sorts of issues, the receivers hurt, one year wonders etc. We got a big hill to climb but I think CBJ is working hard to begin the climb. Hope for the best but set reasonable levels of success to measure against. This year 5/7 or 6/6 is reasonable anything more is gravy. Set the table for next years recruiting class, develop relationships with kids and coaches. Coach em up Butch!

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He should be fine. The Cowboys are a top flight organization with several super bowls under their belt. As long as CDD does not have to recruit or make game changing decisions he will be fine. Good luck coach Dooley!

Written on David Climer: Vols staff looks close to home for recruits:

This is the reason our Vols are in the situation they are in right now. The recruiting has been terrible for a long time. We can talk about recruiting nationally all we want but you must take the best instate players and you must recruit them and make them feel you want them. Over the last few years we have missed on many instate players and signed many out of state players that turned out to be duds (Bryce Brown and J. Jackson) just to name two. We have missed on many instate players and Dooly was burning down the bridges to the high schools instate. It appears Jones is smart enough to realize that he must develop and maintain relationships with high schools and the coaches throughout the state and neighboring states. It will take time to turn around this wrong approach. We currently have a stable of mismatched slow players who will have to begin the process of trying to restore a winning tradition. I for one hope Jones is the man for the job and we begin to see glimmers of hope as we move forward. I hope our fan base will give him the support and time he will need to accomplish this difficult task. I think this will take a long time personally but we will begin to see if his approach is a winning approach. Dooly was a complete failure in winning and turning the program around. His recruiting was abysmal and his management style was horrible the fact that his staff turned over like it did was clear evidence of that. Really he did not have a clue on how to win. Every time he had a chance to win a big game he found a way to lose it. I think we remained stagnant or regressed under his watch, certainly our lean stable of players is evident of his failure. Jones will begin the process of making chicken salad out of chicken *&^%. Good luck coach Jones we support you and look forward to better days.

Written on John Adams: Tough times ahead for UT football :

in response to volthrunthru#658770:

You may want to rant at what I wrote, instead of strawmen. Nowhere in that article did I say his players were happy or unhappy for him.

I merely passed on what a powerful person in Cincinnati told me about Jones. Nothing malicious in either of us; just asked him what he thought, and he is the one who stated that those three groups had been assured by Jones that he wanted to stay in Cincinnati.

Sorry you feel that way, but.

Just that simple.

You better watch what you say on this site. If you don't blindly shake your orange shaker and sing rocky top as loud as you can regardless of what is going on you will be called a troll. I have made saveral observations which were never refuted by bivolar and the like but was called a troll. The reason was I didn't toe the company line and recite the typical we will win the NC next year BS. Watch it, just sayin.

Written on Running back Watson no longer on Vols' roster:

in response to Theo:

Oh Puleeeze, little troll. Quit trying to masquerade as a Vol fan as you try to spread gloom and doom.
What's next - Maybe we can just play high school ball next year?
So transparent.

Theo, what did I say that you can refute? I guess this site is just for blind cheerleading and critical thinking is just equated to being a troll. Oh Puleeeze. Let me see here, well if the big orange gets a top 5 class this year and next year we go 7-5 with some luck and good coaching we will have a solid base to build on. If the new coaches really do a super job teaching and coaching and we don't have any injuries and we get lots of breaks and turnovers go our way we will be on our way GBO! Was that better Theo, are you now satisfied I am not a troll? Psst.

Written on Running back Watson no longer on Vols' roster:

in response to PUL4VOLS:

YOU keep those lowered expectations since you legitmize YOUR posts. Some of us will seek to be realistic but have high hopes for days ahead for the Tennessee Volunteer Football team. You obviously have no confidence in the coaching staff nor the team we have in place. Well, that's your prerogative. Some of us are looking forward to progress but not out of the shute championship aspirations. If you think the Vols will stay below Vandy and in KY's class much longer, I find it very hard to not consider you on the edge of trollnation. But post what you choose. Many of us disagree and will do so until we are proven completely wrong. I do totally agree we need to keep heads up and support our head coach. I just have a little more hope and confidence that things will be better.

What do you base your hope on is my question? No proven QB, no running backs, no WR the defense well I won't go there. I just don't see the reason for optimism at this point. If the new staff puts together a pretty good recruiting class then I will see some hope for the future. Dooly never recruited well at all as a matter of fact it was pretty bad. Many on here continuted to lobby for his continued support. I could not see why, with no highly rated recruits you don't win in the SEC. He got CP last year and that was big, but then he lost Rogers so that was a wash really. I just don't see the drum beating. You can hope in one hand and phooey in the other and see which one fills up first (as the old saying goes). I support by all means but with a dose of reality stirred into the orange koolaid. YOU keep those pie in the sky expectations while I will seek to be realistic and not a blind clown wearing orange pants and carrying a shaker with me everywhere I go.

Written on Azzanni ready to rebuild Vols' receiving corps:

in response to VolGrad:

We've got receivers; they just need more experience. I can't really remember a year when we failed to have a dependable receiver regardless of how the inexperience factor looked during the pre-season. Someone always steps up at that position, and I suspect by next season's end we'll have had 2 or 3 that were major contributors..., again. We are still WRU. That hasn't changed.

Go Vols!

It's all good baby. Go vols. We have tons of good WR's just biding their time. Wow!

Written on Running back Watson no longer on Vols' roster:

in response to gc_scvol:

Don't use WE and US when you refer to TENNESSEE football. It is perfectly clear to the most casual observer that you are nothing more than another pathetic little troll, whose number of usernames far exceeds his IQ. Go away little girl. ( No offense Ladies) GBO..VFL

What part of my post do you disagree with or take issue with. I challenge you to refute anything I said. Do you believe we have recruited well over the last 5 years? Do you think we have a high quality RB on the roster? Don't you think a bigtime program like UT that has a void at RB could attract one? Is it not realistic to believe the building process will take some time. I say all this because of the high expectations WE all seem to heap onto the coaches. Call me a troll if you want that is OK but I think my post was as legitimate as yours.

Written on Running back Watson no longer on Vols' roster:

I didn't know they had any running backs. UT has been so pathetic in recruiting over the last 5-6 years particularly in running backs. It is strange that they cannot get a top tier back with the void that exists in Knoxville at running back. I really don't have much hope for a productive team for some time. The lean times will continue for the mighty vols and we must begin the process of accepting lower expectations. The new hope is to get to a bowl, any bowl that would be fabulous. We will be fighting with Kentucky tooth and nail to stay off the bottom of the SEC east bone yard. Our roster is so thin and weak we could not compete in the ACC or Big East for that matter. We would have issues in the MAC right now. This will take a lot of work and time to turn this old bus around. Let's keep our heads up and support CBJ and hope for the best!

Written on New SEC coaches play catch-up in recruiting:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Yeah, I wonder how bad Bammer would have beaten Louisville??

I don't know but they would have beaten them and it would have been decisive, it usually is when Saban plays in a BCS bowl.

Written on New SEC coaches play catch-up in recruiting:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

That's funny, because in 2011 UGA had to cheat to sneak by vandy..Also, your boy Jarvis got his arse handed to him by UT's line, and if not for a costly turnover your dawgs were whipped twixt the hedges this year. But once again you can't stand to hear the truth, UGA hasn't won a title since 1980..Wow, that was over 32 years ago..Just sayin'

Talk about a "homer"...bivolar is a true homer and would be the posterboy for homer if their was one. Trying to throw cold water on a UGA teams success is kinda pathetic really. We have a real turd program at UT right now and UGA has a real top 10 program and you have the nerve to talk trash about have got to be kidding. This program, "at UT" has been dropping for years and the recruiting is horrible and has been for years. UT did not hand anybody their "arse" this past year except also ran low class teams. Well maybe they looked pretty good against NC State "Dooly's signature win". NCS by the way fired their coach at the end of the year. Someone who can't stand to hear the truth is ole bivolar he is living in a land where everybody has orange contact lenses and hears rocky top being played on those big ugly beats headphones. Go lay down bivolar and wait until spring ball to tell us how UT will be 10-2 next year and will compete for a NC. You are so predictable it is not even remotely amusing.

Written on John Adams: Dual-threat quarterbacks helpful for duels in the SEC :

in response to born2ride:

We need another Condredge Holloway.

Condredge was fun to watch and he was exciting for sure but he did not win a bunch of games. UT was competitive but not a championship team. If Condredge was playing today he would not be very effective. He was not a great passer and his competition then was not anything like it would be now. The speed of the game today would bottle him up and cancel out whatever he had. Johnny Manziel is much faster, quicker and more electric than Condredge was. I am not trying to hate on Condredge because I loved watching him play and all but todays players are so much faster from the linemen to the DB's. Condredge would not be the answer today.

Written on By the numbers: The Tennessee that Butch Jones inherited:

in response to WhoDat:

Yeah, just look at Texas A&M, breaking in a Freshman QB, new coaches, new offensive and defensive schemes. They did return a veteran O-line and most of their defense, sort of like UT. OH, and also like UT they have a 33-31 record from 2007 to 2011. Yeah pretty much impossible to have a good year when facing those kind of obstacles. What is A&M's record their first year with a new coach, in a new league?

As to your comment that we are at the bottom of the food chain, is idiotic. Has UT recruited in the top 15 over the past 3 years? Only 5 schools in the SEC have recruited at that lvl or higher in this league. UT's problem isn't talent, it's coaching. Anyone who has watched football can see that, coaching wins ball games. You are basically saying that all of the players currently on the roster are busts, I find that highly unlikely. What would be more close to the truth would be some thing like, the D-coordinate didn't know what he was doing, and confused his players, which set them up for failure.
Unless you have a player like Eric Berry or Peterson(from LSU) and you are just a few feet out of position, then you can and will probably get beat and look bad in the process.

I'm not saying I think UT is going to have a season like A&M's, but I do believe, that with as many seniors that this team has and if Butch is a solid coach, then UT should have a solid year.

And then in the middle of whodats vivid dream his dear mother woke him up by shaking his toe telling him your oatmeal is ready whodat! I love the example used Texas A and M with Johnny Football as the QB. Why didn't you use Auburn and Cam Newton as well? The quality players on the offense two WR gone, QB with any experience gone. We don't have a RB. I don't think anything above 6-6 is reasonable. Our cupboard is bare dude get serious our recruiting has been pathetic for the last 4 years just pathetic and if you don;t see that you are blind. UT for many years was a national player in recruiting those days are behind us now.

Written on Oklahoma loses Cotton Bowl 41-13 to Texas A&M:

in response to orangecountyvols:

Exactly, Vol in Mich.

Hope he stays healthy.......wait, no one can lay a hand on him so he'll stay healthy.

Seriously, along with Tajh Boyd, this is what a really good mobile quarterback can give you. However, there just aren't that many of them around anymore.........especially one like Johnny Football !

Taj did he get in the conversation with Johnny Football. Taj is good but you really cannot begin to equate the two. Are you serious? The only similarity is they both run with the ball. Taj is kinda slippery but JF is so dynamic and quick and instinctive he plays like a video game. Nothing about Taj's game is similar. Very dumb comparison.

Written on By the numbers: The Tennessee that Butch Jones inherited:

in response to florida-volfan:

He inherits a football team that if somebody knew what to do with and how to motivate could win alot of games next year. Good luck to him....trying to stay optimistic

You must be vacationing in Colorado if you really believe that! No QB with experience, new offense, new defense entire new staff except RB coach and you don't have a very good running back to begin with. A schedule that might provide 6 wins if all the stars line up. Trying to stay optimistic is one thing but winning alot of games is pipe dreaming for sure. Thats the kind of bs that sets the bar at an unrealistic level to begin with. I noticed the phrase "if somebody knew what to do with and how to motivate" begins to set the table for pointing the finger at CBS as a failure if he "does not know what to do or how to motivate". Please folks give this guy and his staff a fighting chance. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since January 1998. We are in the same league as we were then but only in name (SEC) defintely not in ability or talent level. We are on the bottom of the food chain the SEC with only Kentucky below us. This is not a tune up job it is an overhaul. Dude I think you have been in the sun too long you need to move into the shade or get under an umbrella and stop drinking. You can't be serious!

Written on Recruiting job one for Tennessee coaches :

in response to JonGrudensAgent:

Dooley has left this program in worse shape than Kiffin.

We are near Fulmer levels again in terms of talent. Slightly better on the offensive and defensive lines.

Not a single difference maker left on offense or defense. And Dooley has left so much ill will and burned so many bridges in recruiting with his unparalleled arrogance that Jones is especially under the gun. 39nth rated currently according to Rivals.

I agree, Dooley ignored the recruiting part of the job. The classes he signed were subpar for the SEC for sure. He apparently had issues with working with his staff as well. One of the new coaches mentioned continuity as being important on a staff. Dooley's staff was constantly being changed every year. We are seeing how his recruiting style was so lacking, he really never developed any contacts, or relationships with the high school coaches. It is like he was in waaaay over his head. I think he was and I think he is a micro manager to a fault. He was not successful early and I think he began to panick, knowing that success of some sort was expected and he really never had any success at UT. Every chance he had to win a big game he managed to bungle it some way and lose. I agree the program from a player stand point has regressed and the talent level is way down more on the lines of an ACC (Not FSU or Clemson)or Big East level. Our team speed is not very good either. It will take at least 2-3 years of good recruiting to begin to see the progress. Next year a 6-6 record would be wonderful. Only Kentucky is in worse shape than UT at this point. Patience is going to have to be served to the fan base on a steady basis. Good luck CBJ we know the job is large but we don't have any choice but to let you have the time to make a run at it. Our finances are so jacked up with bad hires and fires. We must begin to keep the good recruits in Tennessee. I know the old story of how weak the HS talent in Tennessee is. I guess that is right but our program over the last 3 years with Dooley did not recruit the quality players we had in state. Everybody came in and picked them off. Even Vanderbilt is getting the players UT should have gotten. It began with Marlon Brown (Kiffins first class) and has continued to get worse every year. GBO

Written on John Adams: Comparative shopping: Petrino, Tuberville, Jones :

in response to Nighthawk:

We hired the best combination of head coach and staff of any school in the country, not just the SEC. They will win on the field faster than many believe.

Petrino and Tubs have to build their coaching staff from scratch. When the coaches know each other and work as a team, the players will progress and learn faster.

Look at our defensive staff last year as an example of how poorly those new coaches communicated with each other and the players.

I knew it would not take long for comments like this one to appear. CBS is the best possible hire and now the best in the country. I bet you can't find a pair of orange colored glasses anywhere in Tennessee!

Written on John Adams: Comparative shopping: Petrino, Tuberville, Jones :

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

No doubt Petrino is using WKU to bolster his resume' and clean up his name. I give him two years tops before he leaves for greener pastures. Who's to say he wouldn't have used UT in a similar capacity. I think UT's decision to hire Jones was much better than hiring Tuberville or Petrino, and in time may prove to be the best hire since Majors or Fulmer.

Yeah, UT is on the same level as Western Ky. since Petrino would have used them as a stepping stone...right. My only fear is that Petrino slides into Knoxville and leaves with a dub. Now that would be a buzz kill for sure. Of course everyone hated the thought of Petrino as coach of UT because he is such a slimeball. Time will tell.