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I tend to fall between those who say that Jarnell is or should be a 1st-rounder and those who say he can't make it in the league at all. As I have said before, Jarnell can make a decent reserve power forward in the NBA right now. The thing is, that kind of guy doesn't merit a 1st-round pick. Since there are only 30 1st-round picks in an average draft year and there are 30 NBA teams, it almost stands to reason that a substantial number of current NBA players were either 2d-rounders or free agents, and Jarnell could surely be among those. However, there are possibly hundreds of "hungry" guys all over the world who would be glad to battle anybody for a shot at one of those spots.

Therefore, I still pose the question of why he should feel that he has go pro NOW when it would seem he has little chance of being picked in the first round. The Vols could be a legit contender next year with him, especially if they also get the Rhett kid out of TSU, Hubbs comes through in a big way, and the other guys make only the expected amount of improvement. Jarnell is still young for his class, and despite being an imposing physical specimen, he may not be ready to battle against NBA heavyweights night after night. And if he isn't ready to do that, what NBA team needs him? And if nobody needs him enough to use a 1st-round pick on him, why would he want to go now?

Excellent post. Until he develops a good, reliable, 15 foot face up jumper, his prospects are light for the NBA. He needs to stay in school, get a good education, so there is a fall back position. I hope he stays. Much better for him and the team.

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JA has this right. We will be better at QB this year. The offense, which bordered on woeful last year, has more talent at receiver, the bigger RB they need, and two years under the Jones system. The big question is how the OL will perform. Frankly, I expect less, but not the big drop off some predict. We will get better as the year goes on. Looking forward to watching them all Saturday. PLUS..and let's not lose sight of this, we have some very fine talent arriving this summer. Its not all blue skies yet, but I do see some breaks in the clouds.

Excellent post

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Amen! The way they played in the tournament and never gave up when behind showed tremendous heart. A great Tennessee team to remember for they way they finished out.

Very proud of them. Their achilles heel were slow starts. If they could ave started faster, even in their last game, they might have won a few more. The season is over, and they did play hard at the end. Kudos to all, including coaches. Hope Stokes stays. He would be a great player to build around, and would raise his position for the NBA draft the following year. Still needs to perfect a 15 foot pull up jump shot for the pros.

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Good second half. Need to button the game down, however, for the rest of the tourney. Need the same intensity in the whole game from now on. Once you get past the first round, things begin to really toughen up. One good half of ball may not do it next time. Congrats ladies. Play hard! Let us show everyone we belong in that final four!

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Just how OLD are you?

He is probably as old as I am and he is right about Keady's teams. All defense, no offensive flow. The one difference was Keady really worked the officials. He was red in the face almost the whole game.

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Come on boys, let's kick a little a**.

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The fans that are realistic knew it would take several recruiting classes to get us the depth we need. We are moving forward, and I hope we can be more competitive this year.

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Hope we are really on a roll. No time to get cocky.

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Forget football no matter how good he might be. We need him to be a strong, uninjured starter on the BBall team next year. Hope he continues to step up the remainder of this season.

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She has been a major contributor to the program. Thank you Candace Parker for finding her!

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Hope they can keep this going.

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Agree with all of the above.

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I have seen a couple of posts on the lack of comments on this site. There are reasons for this. There is no sense saying the same thing after game after game. I have said it so many times in the past, why keep repeating the same thing continuously. This year is a bust. Next year will be a bust. The coaching staff is a bust. Hart won't fix it. A 22,000 seat venue with 5 to 10,000 seats filled is a bust. Problem is, I don't know if Hart will wake up and smell the roses even if they are right in front of him. And another problem, no matter if he does make a change, it is going to take several years to fix it. UT sports at its best!

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Can you imagine what our record could have been if they played like this every game!

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Pretty obvious article of the unknown but Barton and Thompson are known busts. Can Thompson even run, I have never seen an athlete so unaware of the clock and the need for expediency. Barton can't shoot farther than a layup. I would at least put McRae back at the point which might get him under control.
But wait, just get the ball to Stokes and then watch the show. He seems to be the only hope to win a few games. Why do the guards and wings not get him the ball?

In answer to your last question - poor coaching.

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Don't you think the coach should have made a point of that during the game, instead of after the loss?

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There should be a "who cares, we are NIT bound" option

Agree. However, if they play as bad as they have been, we may not even make the NIT. If we do make the NIT, then the next hurdle is getting past the first round!

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Another new low. First time we have lost to that team, at home, in 30 years. Like Dooley! We are supposed to have too much talent for that to happen. Lack of desire, coaching, whatever, this is sad!

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Well, we are not going to the prom. It looks like the junior prom again. Hope we can make it past the first round.

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Frankly, they are a better team.

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We have an excellent coach. He will deal with it as HE sees fit to do so. That is why he is the head coach. That is why you, as a sportswriter, don't make that kind of $$.

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It is not just McRae. It is the whole team!

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Great win! Their best game (my opinion) thus far this season. I thought they played with great intensity and focus (with few defensive lapses). Keep the fire burning! Go LV's!


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Play with this intensity every game, and we could make the move up the charts we need.

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I agree. UConn is a machine. Well coached. Disciplined. Not a lot of wild play. Low turnover ratio. They also have less players right now than most teams. We have talent. We just do not play with the intensity, discipline, smarts, and consistent shooting of the top 4 or 5 teams in the country. If we can find that in February, we may have a shot to get to the elite eight. There can be no more oops moments. I wish the ladies well. I hope they can do it and get to another final four. But they are going to have to function on all cylinders at all times. I just don't see anyone on this team with the grit, stubbornness to not lose, and get out of my face attitude of Candace Parker.

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Never saw a team so Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

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This team is doomed. No passion or heart. They mail it in, in too many games. I really don't think the players care.

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Kiss the NCAA goodbye! Guess the players didn't really care if they got there or not.

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The bottom line is that the Vols must win all their games. They might get away with losing one more. They need to win or go deep in the SEC championship tournament.

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A spectacular defense will beat a spectacular offense more times than not. This is a TEAM game. Too much emphasis is placed on one player, I don't care who it is. The bottom line is he could win another if Elway brings in the players necessary to do so. Offensive line really let him down. Seattle played smash mouth football, and Peyton got hit a lot yesterday. On top of that, Peyton himself was not on the top of his game.

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Yes, this will help recruiting, as though Coach Jones needs much more help. Plus adidas makes you look slow, lawd knows, the team hasn't needed a whole lot of help doing that lately. So as long as we don't go flavor-of-the-week like the ducks...I'm all good.

Personally, I love the Ducks uniforms. They are eye catching. Traditional doesn't mean you have to be stodgy.

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Can't argue with any of this. As optimistic as I have been since the end of last season, I always had to caution myself that the rosy scenarios depended on players getting better, teamwork more refined, competitiveness better honed, and timely coaching adjustments made. I have seen these things, if at all, only in fits and starts. It's as if the team has ADD; they just can't keep in their heads what they are trying to do through a whole game, or have the unshakeable determination to push through difficulties.

No doubt some of that falls on the coaching staff. By now, most of the players in the program are Martin's even though some of the biggest producers are Pearl holdovers. It is just hard to see much overall "value-added" by the Martin regime, except for some improvements by some individual players, on the court or in the stands. From all I have been able to gather, the team is on solid ground academically and behaviorally. The coaches and players are all positively involved in the community. No hint of scandal, NCAA-related or otherwise, has ever been detected around the program. [I'm treating the Makanjuola and Golden affairs as the unique circumstances of those individuals, not an indicator of the kind of player he is trying to get.]

BUT! Since UT spent all that money for TBA and Pratt Pavilion and on reasonable if not overly-generous coaching salaries and operating budgets, making the NCAAs on a pretty regular basis is the only acceptable definition of long-term success. If this team can't make the tournament from a conference as wide-open--some would say weak--as the SEC is this year, I reluctantly conclude that Martin likely must go. If he turns out unable to find a winning style with a team with as much talent as this one, I have little hope that he will find a way to win next year with so much less returning firepower and experience.

And Martin's track record will provide no evidence to any top-ranked talent that he will benefit as a player or compete for championships at UT. Much of the off-court benefit of playing for UT will be lost on the multi-star recruits who are only marking time before going pro. Most of his recruits will thus have only limited present prospects as pro players. Eventually, Martin would assemble, on a recurring basis, an experienced, hard-nosed group that will often compensate for lack of explosive talent with relentless defense, rebounding, and ball-hawking. Next year's team won't be experienced enough or strong enough to win that way. A future team so constructed may well reach a high-enough level of sustained proficiency to be competitive against anybody. That may even be enough to make the NCAAs, say, every three years out of five, though those odds haven't manifested themselves yet.

Excellent post. Only way to the big dance is winning the SEC tourney. Doubt they will. Game coaching, as I have said before, is awful. No ability to make changes on the fly. Martin had his chance. Didn't work out. Change is needed. It is that simple. Hard to watch major sports at UT going down the tubes. Hopefully, from what I have seen, CBJ is getting football turned around. Softball team is great!!!

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It is all about who is standing on the podium at the end.

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Florida's defense had a remarkable resemblance to the defenses Tennessee used to have with Bruce Pearl as coach. UT got embarrassed by a team that played Bruce Pearl offense and defense. As long as UT has a coach that cannot adjust his game plan during the game, we will continue to be humiliated by mediocre teams, much less by good teams. It is evident that it is time to start considering a change in basketball coaches, preferably bringing back Coach Pearl.

I agree with much of what you said. However, CBP also did not recruit shooters. The game is still won by the team that puts it through the hoop the most.

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Unless they win out, I just don't see the "Big Dance" in our future. The coaches and players must realize that by now. Let us see if they are good enough to pull it off. We cannot afford any more bad games. Period! Forget the excuses. They don't count anymore.

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This guy posts as DeerPark12 on Hoopsville:

Check out his posts at this link, including his defense of Cheek:

As you can see from that link, most everyone else has called him out as a shill for the UT administration, of which he is a part. It is obvious that the attorney that UT hired conspired with UT against Pearl to get him fired. Look at how another school that is mentioned in the link above is doing by thumbing their nose at the NCAA & keeping a coach that had a show cause order entered against their basketball coach & is doing well, which is what UT should've done with Pearl....

Cheek was a fool not to keep Pearl & do the same thing UCF has done. They are achieving far more with a coach that can't recruit off campus than we are with one that can't coach at all.

Good post. Right on the money. For all intents and purposes, unfortunately, this season is history.

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They outquicked us all afternoon. Sad, so sad!

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Who cares where he stands compared to Anderson. We only care about TN basketball, and he has not gotten it done here! We won because McRae is a baller! I didn't see anything spectacular that might have been started with the coaches on the bench!

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McRae is a PLAYER! Glad he is on our side.

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Everyone makes things too complicated. Just go out there and kick some A for 40 whole minutes.

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Sad. So Sad. I agree with those above. Holly got her shot. A great assistant, but we need some new blood in here before it is too late.

Written on Lane Kiffin sings 'Sweet Home Alabama' with 5-star recruit's mom :

I cannot believe this story was ever posted. What a waste of time. Who really cares!

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Coach is incapable of making the necessary changes either at half time or on the fly. Just like Derek Dooley.

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Is it just me or does it seem like this team is having no fun. In the first 15 minutes at UK, the Vols played close to a perfect half. They had the Cats ducking for cover. But....there was no jumping around, no celebrating. The Bruise Brothers, very effective in this game, seemed more like they were going to the dentist than hanging a loss on Kentucky. No emotion, no enthusiasm, no nothing. And when Kentucky led at halftime after the Vols had played close to a perfect half, every person in the Volunteer State knew where this one was going. BBB!!!

They have taken on their coaches personna.

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Dave Hart + scar on forehead + bolts on the neck = Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster.

He does have that resemblance!