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Written on John Adams: From Butch Jones to Lane Kiffin and everything in between, it's season of anticipation:

Lane who?

Recruits and we fans should not be overly concerned about the losses; rather, more concern should be given to the team's effort, especially during the fourth quarter, and whether the team is better at the end of the season than it was at the beginning.

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Kentucky at #5? Huh?

Basketball. Isn't that the only sport played at UK?

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Someone help me with this: Golden plagiarizes repeatedly and later loses his scholarship. Joe Biden plagiarizes repeatedly and is later elected vice president of the United States. This world is something else.

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It was Thomas Wolfe who wrote "You Can't Go Home Again." This is for the best for both Tee and UT. I don't think it will take CBJ long to name the WR coach.

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Doesn't sound hopeful. It's easier to say no from 2000 miles away.

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The take-home:

"Jones wanted to be Tennessee's coach in the worst way. No arm-twisting required."

Born to be orange.

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Other than the $1.3 million to get rid of Hamilton, the $1.8 million to get rid of Sunseri, and $5 million to get rid of money that UT has spent in a long time.

I like what I hear out of Jones. YOU ARE A WINNER. ACT LIKE IT! That swagger he is talking about, we have missed that for a few years. Jones seems to have a fire in him. The more I hear, the more I like. Coach Jones, go light that fire in their a*s and lets go!

Arkie....You make a good point. In a perfect world, Dooley and Sunseri should be paying UT for all the time that's been wasted.

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I hope he can use the resources Hart has given him to go out and put together the best staff. It's going to be a hard sale. And he is going to have to go out and sale himself to coaches because he sure as hell wasn't planning on putting together the best at Colorado or Purdue.

I'm real worried. This wasn't the unifying, exciting hire we wanted. And we need. The brand is dying. You wear the power T outside SEC country and people think you're a Texas fan. They don't recognize it. ESPN is going to have all-access specials of the spring practices at Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M and probably now Arkansas. ESPN will have more commercials with Saban, Miles, Richt and Revelie. Tennessee can't even get a simple score shown on Gameday Final. We want Herbstreit and Blackledge in town, but we're stuck with Ed Cunningham. The brand is fading away while all our biggest rivals are marketing bonanzas.

I'll support Butch Jones. I'll wear my orange everywhere I go and put my blowup Smokey in the yard on Gameday, but let's be real. We're on the verge of a second recession. Considering who our first two opponents are next season, we'll be lucky to have 75K in Neyland for those games. Then we face the worst scheduling nightmare in football history. We have back to back road games at Oregon and at Florida. The Titans wouldn't ask for that. Both those games, with what could be a very depleted roster, have the potential to be absolute disasters. If that does happen, the South Alabama game draws less than 60K. Then comes Georgia, SC and Alabama. Poor ol' Butch Jones might be toast before he even has a chance to get started. The fan base will be HOT!

I think the vast majority of fans were hoping for a coach that was a known commodity. A guy we knew could coach at the highest level, handle the pressure, win big games, recruit, win championships, unify the fan base and grow the brand. Butch Jones isn't that. He's a hope. I don't care what any of you say, you don't know if this guy can do it. You're just hoping. Hell, I'm hoping. But I wanted someone I didn't have to give a chance to. I wanted a guy that I knew would give Tennessee a chance.

I hate to be all doom and gloom. I hope Jones is the next General Neyland. But at this point, this has all the makings of an epic, epic fail.

Sounds like you're a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy. Always with the negative waves.

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"But it's not a top-20 program today."

JA has a blazing talent for stating the obvious---especially when it's something negative about UT.

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Is Mike Hamilton running this show?

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'We have completely became'?? WOW!

Doesn't know if he's caming or gaing.

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JA kickin' us while we're down. Again. SSDD.

JA (my, how those initials fit) cannot write an article about UT without getting in a dig or two. In particular, the one about Vandy being the more successful SEC team in the state. Well, Vandy can enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and, in a short span, they will be back to SOV.

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The only reason to visit one of David Climer's stories is to view the posts. Have you ever seen Climer in person on or TV? Looks like he's constipated. Hates UT with a passion and nothing but vitriol spews from his poison pen. I really don't like the guy. He and JA must have been separated at birth.

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You just described Jimbo Fisher.

Guess so. Also described Charlie Strong and Butch Davis.

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Not sure this is the right guy. Gundy's OSU teams have been great offensively, but not much better than Sunseri on defense. We need either a defensive-minded HC or one who can hire a top-notch DC.

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No true Vol fan can root for Bama. If the Taliban brought a team over to play Bama I would be wearing a turban sitting with the muslims.

Go Vols......

Awright, baby.

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Amen ash, amen. I guess we can also thank Mike Hamilton!

Don't forget was during his administration that this whole mess started.

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Doo-Doo Dooley, goodbye.
Doo-Doo Dooley, don't cry.

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"Kentucky (1-9, 0-7 Southeastern Conference) is on the verge of going winless in the conference for the first time in school history."

There's hope yet for the Cats....they get to face Sal's mighty defense in a few weeks.

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7-2-1. It looked more like 9-1-1.

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley defends coordinator Sal Sunseri, but admits woeful statistics don't lie :

Sunseri to Dooley may be like Clawson was to Fulmer.

Written on UT pulls out all the stops to impress basketball recruit Austin Nichols : nailed it. Apples and oranges.

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John, ol' buddy, I would rather see you as the head coach over Petrino. Now don't get the big head.....I would take any coach over Petrino with the exception of Jerry Sandusky.

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Don't you think we ought to concentrate on the next opponent rather than the Gators? This team has a lot to improve upon from game one, and they're not good enough to be overlooking anyone (ahem, Kentucky comes to mind). Still, they do look much better than the last few years.

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Enormous talent. Zero intellect and maturity.

Written on John Calipari believes UT's NIT success depends on attitude :

And Vol fans should give a RA what Calipari thinks because......?

Written on John Adams: Dooley needs to win over more than recruits :

More tripe from the King of Tripe.

Written on Touchdown: Interception return, review ends overtime, 27-21:

Don't you know Mark Curls just hated to make the announcement of the booth reversal at the end of the game. He and his crew are the absolute pits.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I think it's a Belgian detective with a funny mustache.

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Who's on first?????

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Is that a crystal ball you're using, or crystal meth?

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Stars...stars...stars. The big question is: can this kid hit a free throw?

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I gurantee we have not even heard our next coaches name mentioned yet.

Oh, we've probably heard it. Just not from the likes of Biddle or Adams.

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First of all CONGRATS UT but....UT fans please never talk about the refs any longer. 2 Point shot was no good (ball still in hands clearly)...then over the back by Williams at the end!!! But a win is a win!!! CONGRATS again!!

Ya fail to mention all the no-call walks by Georgia's players as well several bizarre out-of-bounds calls that went UGA's way. Take your congrats and...well, you know what to do with it.

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Played to their competition again. It was a win, but still a dreadful performance. Watching the team play the last 4 games makes me think that they're being coached by Ed Grimley.

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A different season brings a different perspective. Last year TX was playing for the BCS Championship and this year they finished 5-7. Perhaps WM decided to move forward while he is still considered a hot commodity.

Think you might be on the right track.

Written on Hopson 'stays in attack mode' with career-high 27 points:

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We want the Blue Devils!

Maybe later in the year. Oakland is next, and they took Michigan St to the wire today. One game at a time. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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56-17. Some genius. Say, does Gene Swizzlestick have any teeth?

Written on Pearl: 'We made progress', 86-56:

Nice to see the Vols not overlooking MTSU. If this team stays focused, they will be hard to beat.

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Griffin or Adams, who's the most negative? These two guys are pathetic! PLEASE LEAVE KNOXVILLE!!!

Could be worse. The Tennessean has Climer & Biddle. Can't get much more negative than those two whiners.

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Screw the polls and the biased idiot voters. Just keep on winning---one game at a time.

Written on Bruce Pearl suspended first 8 games of 2011 SEC season:

Reckon Slive took a Viagra before firing off the letter to CBP?

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Let's pass for 3 TD's and run for 3 TD's against Vandy..Balance.

Add 3 more TDs for the defense and special teams. Just want to make sure we have enough balance---and points.

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I enjoyed the game, but Leach has to go as a commentater or common tatar or whatever he was trying to do.

You're right. Leach sounded as if he were providing the color for a funeral....Now that I think of it, I guess it was a funeral for Tiger High.

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Shhhh! What's that playing in the background? Oh, it's a violin. I love that sound.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Sir/Mam/It.....Wanna see a REAL "big fool"? Just take a glance at a mirror, any mirror.