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John Chavis: Eric Berry is the best DB in the country

John Chavis: Eric Berry is the best DB in the country

Published Nov. 18, 2008

John Chavis talks about why he thinks Eric Berry is the best defensive back in the country. Berry talks about what the position entails.

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ctownvol writes:

gatorzz- Rivals says Spikes is the best linebacker. Coach chavis is saying he thinks Berry is the best defensive back. There is a difference in linebackers and d-backs. Maybe you should try a little reading comprehension. Geez. What else would one expect from a florida fan? Certainly not a brain!

ctownvol writes:

Linebacker and Safety are two different positions is all I, and the rest of the football universe, are saying. I agree Spikes is dang good, but he's not a d-back. He's a linebacker. Try reading the link YOU provided again. Or maybe you can get your mommy to read it to you for your night-night story before she tucks you in.

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